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2021 VOGUE Fashion Festival Celebrations

Gerard McCabe celebrated the return of the Vogue Fashion Festival from the 8th to the 10th of October 2021, with exciting in-store festivities. Those that were in the mall during the festival, indulged in a glass of bubbles and a delicious macaron with us in-store whilst trying on our latest jewellery collections!

Bespoke Design

Macarons and Champagne were served

In-Store Event: 'Design Director Nazanin Answer's Your Burning Questions'. 

Have you ever wanted to know what would be involved to make that ring you love on Pinterest?
Do you want to discover your perfect ring style to "drop a hint" for a surprise proposal?

Our Design Director Nazanin answered our clients burning questions about jewellery design, and what to consider when designing their own Bespoke ring or selecting a ready to wear design, at our Exclusive Meet The Designer Event. Outlining how her collections are born, revealing that she designs stories that are so much more than just pieces of jewellery. Nazanin digs down deep into the soul of her clients, adding so much depth and detail when creating their unique one of a kind pieces of jewellery. Sharing the paintings that she created whilst in lockdown, the inspiration for the wondrous Amore Pink Diamond ring, the symbolism behind this stunning piece and how she began her career as a jewellery designer. 

 Bespoke Design

Nazanin shares the paintings created during the pandemic that were the inspiration for the Amore Pink Diamond ring

Watch Vogue Fashion Festival's Meet The Designer Nazanin Event



Amore Pink Diamond Ring


The Amore Pink Diamond Cluster Ring

The Amore Pink Diamond cluster ring designed by Nazanin draws upon the idea that there is healing magic in caressing and kindness and this is something that we need to withstand life's challenges. The angles and layers in the diamond cluster represent those that support each other with kindness. The precious 0.80ct centre pink diamond represents the person that has been supported with the power of touch, through love they soar to new heights, radiating and evolving.

Through our Bespoke Design service, we can bring your unique jewellery dreams to life, beginning with a complimentary consultation with Nazanin who will explore your jewellery design ideas, creating a unique one of a kind piece just for you. You can visit this link to book a consultation with Nazanin.


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