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5 Antique Brooches To Steal Your Heart

With the weather getting cooler, it’s time to layer up. Autumn and winter seasons are perfect to try out a brooch, and with so many layers and accessories, it’s an ideal time to adorn your outfit.  Brooches are both a vintage woman's best friend and the best way to add some personality to your modern get-up.

At Gerard McCabe we have an extensive selection of Antique and Vintage Brooches. You are bound to find one that suits your unique style and personality. Best of all, each brooch is completely unique and has it's own story to tell. Discover five unique styles below:

311619-1 - Garnet Brooch

Add a pop of colour to any outfit with a gemstone rich design like this Vintage starburst cluster brooch featuring multiple pear and round Bohemian garnets. This brooch hails from early to mid 20th century. 

311585-1 Pearl Brooch

Create a versatile look with a pendant / brooch like this gorgeous heart shape pearl piece. One of the fabulous quirks of antique jewelley is the creativity in design - both in style and function. This piece comes with a detachable runner and screw in bar pin to complete the transistion from pendant to brooch. Circa 1890-1900. 

311463 - Bow brooch

If strong, clean lines and geometric shapes are more your style, a brooch from the Art Deco period will be the perfect accessory. This brooch features blue sapphires and diamonds in that typical angular 1920's style. 

311539-1 Sapphire and Diamond

Perhaps your style has a softer, more feminine feel. Jewellery from the slightly Edwardian era typically features more curves than the Art Deco period. This brooch has a completely different appeal whilst utilising the same blue and white colour scheme of sapphires and diamonds. This piece is circa 1910. 


Floral brooches are a lovely way to liven up an outfit. You can't go past an authentic Art Nouveau brooch when you are looking for floral jewellery. The Art Nouveau jewellery period is a treasure trove of enamelled flowers in all manner of colours, like this mauve and white "forget me not" flower and pearl brooch. Circa 1900.

At Gerard McCabe we are passionate about good jewellery design both in our modern creations and the exquisite designs that have come before. We celebrate this beauty in our Antique and Vintage selection which is available in all our Adelaide Stores: Rundle Mall, Adelaide Arcade and the South Australian Museum Shop. Visit now or browse the full collection online.

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