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Argyle Pink Diamond Update October 2021

It has been a phenomenal year for Argyle Pink Diamonds! Since the closure of the Argyle mine last November, we have seen demand skyrocket for these rare and beautiful gems.

When operational, the Argyle mine produced between 90-95% of the world’s pink diamond supply. Since its closure, a very high demand locally and internationally for Argyle diamonds has seen a rapid reduction in availability.

Australian Argyle pink diamonds have indeed become Beyond Rare.

There is no doubt that the best time to secure an Argyle pink diamond is now… while you still can.

Pink Argyle Diamonds come in a range of tones, shades and hues. Naturally, this makes them a sought after choice for those looking to create a bespoke ring or a unique piece of jewellery. Nowhere else in the world will you find pink diamonds with such intensity and range of colour.

If you are after an investment-grade Argyle pink or blue diamond please contact us directly and we will do the searching for you.

Discover pink diamond perfection in-store and on our website. We have a great range of ready to wear pieces as well as carefully curated sets of loose Argyle diamonds.

Argyle Pink and White Diamond Cluster Ring-low

Argyle Pink and White Diamond ring featuring round and marquise-shaped diamonds

This is a beautiful ring design. The pink diamonds are perfectly accented by the contrasting white gems. A gorgeous ring for a special anniversary or birthday celebration. This is one to be treasured and enjoyed now and for the next generation.


Argyle Pink and Blue Diamond Collectors Edition Set  554341

Argyle Collector's Edition Sets - Pink and Blue Diamonds

The Collector's Edition of Argyle pink diamonds, and blue diamonds, present a secure opportunity to acquire a curated selection of these unique diamonds. With a verified Argyle origin, the limited supply release will become a treasured collectable or are ideal for creating your own bespoke jewellery piece. 


Justin McCabe outlines the beautiful and rare selection of Argyle Pink Diamonds at Gerard McCabe Jewellers.

Design your own, one-of-a-kind pink diamond jewellery piece with Gerard McCabe's Award-Winning Design Director, Nazanin. Starting with an initial free consultation, she will work with you to explore your jewellery design ideas. Once you engage us to create your perfect jewellery piece, your ideas will be immortalised on paper, hand-drawn to perfection and with the utmost detail.

Pink diamonds are exquisite and rare natural creations. It would be our pleasure to show you through our collection over a glass of champagne in-store or a virtual consultation in the comfort of your home. Click here to book a consultation.

Discover the Pink Diamond Selection

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