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2016 Bridal Trend Report

You may think the hardest part of the pre-wedding is out of the way. The diamond engagement ring has been picked. The proposal accepted and the happy announcement has been made. Alas, that was the fun part.

Now comes the planning; and the multitude of choices and voices speaking up and shouting out. Do this, try this, use that- never those! It can be overwhelming for a bride to even know where to begin. A cacophony of well-intentioned friends and family can easily derail you. Distracting from what you actually want on your big day.

Not all brides have been planning or dreaming of “their big day”. Some plot for years, designing the dress, bridesmaids or seat arrangements. Is this is you? Are your carefully thought out plans redundant?

Then take a step back. Deep breaths. Calm down. All will be well. This is a time in which you should be rejoicing, sharing with your intended and loved ones.

How do you define stylish? Style, taste, trend and fashion are terms that are often intertwined and co-joined. Yet by their definition, they are not interchangeable. Style is a mode, taste is personal, trend is fleeting and fashion is an industry.

Don’t let anyone force your hand into choices you will regret or are beyond your budget. Instead, have a look at what the trends are and see if they fit into your particular style. Then, assess whether this is to your taste. Finally, consider how the fashion fits with you and your bridal retinue.

So what are the bridal trends for 2016? It’s already April and the world of trend forecasting moves quickly. Often trends are forecasted up to four years in advance. They are rarely miscast or wrongly predicted.

It may seem arbitrary, but these trend forecasts are meticulously measured.

By thousands of experts in hundreds of countries. It’s an interesting and scientifically measured account of data tracking, both globally and locally. Using insight, interpretation and expert experience, these companies determine what is going to be trending in fashion, design and interiors. There is also an element of cool hunting in determining what will float and what will sink.

This is huge in the bridal industry.

Most consumers are blissfully unaware that their seemingly original ideas were generated years previously. But really, does this even matter? The individual seeks their own taste and influences. Every person and wedding are unique, taking inspiration and elements from many different sources. In this spirit, we bring you the top five bridal trends of 2016. If you do it your way, you’ll have no regrets. So take a cue from these bridal trends and make it your own.


Pantone Colours | Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide


Colour me Mauve

Colour is an obvious place to start informing your wedding choices. This can influence everything. From the dress to the invites, to the table decorations to the groom’s boutonniere. Pantone, a colour creation company,  is the global colour influencer.  A vast majority of printing firms and designers worldwide refer to their colour selection. Every year they choose a colour of the year that will define colour trends. Once again, this is always particularly influential for the bridal industry.

The Pantone Colour of 2016 is Rose Quartz and Serenity. The first time there has ever been two colours chosen, together.  Rose Quartz almost describes itself: a lovely, pale dusky pink. Think blushing candyfloss hues, minus the sugar high. Serenity, somewhat more ambiguously named is a luscious, contemplative mauve. It contains the faintest traces of stone and an elemental sunset.


Mauve Sky | Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide


The good news is, this translates to a beautiful palette for your dream wedding. These shades are incredibly flattering and present in the natural world. Think flowers, sunsets and Australian Galah's, just to name a few.

Pink Cirque | Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide

Cirque Earrings $6, 495.00



They look good grouped or individually.  They work with flowers, wedding and bridesmaid dresses, coloured gemstones and table settings. Even if you take inspiration for makeup, these are gorgeous skin enhancing tones for all complexions. Check out our Pinterest board here for more inspiration.


Gorgeous Geode| Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide

Image sourced from Pinterest 

More Precious Than Gems

Handily following on from the mineral chalkiness of the 2016 Pantone colour selection, comes more earthy delights. Think massive geodes, clusters of crystals and gorgeously hued amethyst and quartz.

Antique Amythest | Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide

Antique Amethyst Earrings $3,695.00

These make for a beautiful and ethereal table styling. Precious gems and geodes for table settings and favours are both unique and symbolic. The meanings and symbolism behind certain gemstones can be highly personalised to your guests. It’s a thoughtful and stunning idea, sure to be remembered


Beautiful Botanics | Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide

Image sourced from Pinterest 

Beautiful Botanics

Cascades of greenery and ethereal boughs is an incredible theme for 2016 weddings. The beauty of this trend is that it can (literally) be evergreen. You can expound on this theme in so many different ways. Vintage botanic, tropical, rustic country garden, twilight forest. Even African safari, if you so desire. This goes right across the board, much like a colour selection can.

It can be intriguing and mysterious, fey in quality.

Or a fun, authentic and light-hearted celebration of new beginnings and astounding colour combinations. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring- you can tailor this exactly to your tastes. As chaotic and overt as you are or delicate, minimal and clean. It really is a wonderful trend. Go wild, get back to nature for your big day.


Hayride | Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide



This has been a fascinating trend for 2016. Not only does this cover bridal gowns and accessories, but it also encompasses locations, centrepieces and furniture. Vintage itself never goes out of style. Our fascination with nostalgia and throwback fashion never wanes.  However, much like cocktails in jam jars, the novelty has worn off. Repurposing is a new and eco-friendly take on this. It involves many elements of vintage and retro, yet it is a far more modern and chic take on it.

Upcycling, recycling and renewal are the buzzwords surrounding this trend.

Think an urban factory space, reimagined as an epic ballroom venue. The juxtaposition of decrepit industry and delicate fluttering silks with ultra feminine flower displays.

Gorgeous. It’s setting your wedding in a farm shed or barn, using hay bales to mould and build chairs and tables. A sophisticated take on “something borrowed, something blue”. Take a look at our antique range, full of some of the most divine antique jewellery in Adelaide for inspiration.  

Off the Shoulder  | Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide


The Shoulder Zone

Off the shoulder dresses are huge for 2016- and it’s no surprise why. The shoulder, decolletage and collarbone is a very flattering area. The line of the clavicle (collar bone) can draw the eye to beautiful details of the dress. An updo hairstyle is perfect with this. Think gorgeous dangling earrings,creating an incredible line, elongating the body and neck. It acts as a frame to the face and draws attention in an artlessly elegant way. It’s a way of showing some skin without being vulgar.

Pink Luminosity | Gerard McCabe Premier Diamond Jewellers Adelaide

Pink Luminosity Drop Earrings $595.00

Dependent on your comfort level you can have a soft or severe cut to your off the shoulder dress. Softer being more romantic and sensual. Across all the major international fashion catwalks we could see this in evidence. Think Dolce & Gabbana and Dior for visual inspiration. Best yet, necklines and sleeves can be customised to suit.



These are just several of the key wedding trends for 2016. Remember, trends aren't there to be followed slavishly. Stick with what makes you happy, what suits or what you instinctively gravitate towards. Try not to let anybody get you into a panic or dictate what you should do. It’s about you and your intended, celebrating the beginning of something joyous.

If you’d like more wedding inspiration then check out our Pinterest. Alternatively, pop into one of our boutiques to see our range of the most stunning bridal jewellery in Adelaide.  Our friendly and informed staff are always happy to offer their help and expertise for your big day. Happy planning!

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