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5 Bridal Accessories for Your Happily Ever After

Having an incredible wedding is something everyone dreams about when they’re engaged. You get caught up in a whirlwind of planning, combing through countless bridal magazines and websites to find the best ideas. Nowhere is safe from wedding thoughts. You might be doing the food shopping or in an important meeting - it doesn’t matter. You still find yourself slipping off into a daydream about Paolo Sebastian calling you up to make you a custom wedding dress for free. There’s no doubt about it, you’ve caught bridal fever. It’s time to embrace it!

Let’s face it, everyone wants to look utterly fabulous on their wedding day. Effortlessly striking, with accompaniments that complement the dress, hairstyle and shoes.

Your accessories are the finishing touch - the icing on your perfectly presented cake.

And, when it comes to an added touch of wonder and beauty, it’s hard to go past diamonds.

At Gerard McCabe, we are happy to have played a part in countless love stories. From intimate ceremonies to lavish extravaganzas, our Adelaide bridal jewellery and accessories serve proudly in helping transform a woman into a bride.

a wedding day to remember

Here is a selection of some of our favourite bridal pieces, fit for any style.

Glamorous Bridal Earrings

These exceptional diamond Classic Earrings are best suited to a bride who loves a touch of glamour.

A staple for any bride, these earrings are made with 18ct white gold and finished with glistening top quality diamonds.

The charming design of these earrings are ideal accompaniments to a stylish up-do, so the flash and glitter of the exquisite diamonds can dance in the light.


Subtle but Stunning Diamond Bracelet

If you are looking for a subtle yet sparkling addition to your bridal attire, look no further than the Stardust Diamond Bracelet. This brilliant bracelet is diamond encrusted with over two carats of diamonds and polished gold links. 


Unique & Classic Diamond Circle Pendant

The stunning Diamond Circle Pendant will add glisten sparkle and intrigue to your marvelous wedding gown.

This circle pendant is a beautiful symbol for celebrating special moments in life: birth, renewal and eternal love


Kilimanjaro Earrings

These earrings are rare and beautiful, just like your the love between you and your partner. These spectacular earrings feature a stunning matched pair of round faceted tanzanites surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Subtle, yet breathtaking earrings like these are the perfect match for a flowing hairstyle and are ideal for complementing a statement necklace.


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Gerard McCabe Jewellers are the specialists in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings in Adelaide.

We create beautiful ladies wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, classic engagement rings and dress ring designs.

We can create bespoke tailored rings to fit your specifications. So pop into one of our jewellery stores in Adelaide for your dream ring consultation.