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5 Essentials to Choosing the Best Wedding Cake

Here at Gerard McCabe, we are dedicated to sharing our expertise as jewellers to ensure that your wedding day sparkles as bright as our diamonds, creating memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives together.

Creating the perfect wedding ring is our daily devotion. Baking the perfect wedding cake, however, is best left to our incredible friends.


Sweet Creams dedicate their days to making memorable moments deliciously sweet! Experts in Wedding Cakes, Cupcakes and Macarons, their creations are visually stunning and please every palate.

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Cake-maker and baker extraordinaire, Laura, shares our commitment to ensuring your big day is truly incredible. In this special guest blog, Laura shares her expert Wedding Cake trends to help you create the perfect sweet centrepiece for your celebration:

Fruity Flavours For Summer, Mud Cakes In Winter

Traditionally when people think wedding cake, they picture a dense brandy soaked fruit cake with marzipan and fondant layers. However in the ever-changing bridal industry bride and grooms are now opting for the mud cake varieties such as chocolate mud, white mud, marble mud or even infused flavours like a hazelnut or minty chocolate mud cake. In the warmer summer months, Sweet Creams receive a lot of fruity flavours being requested such as white choc raspberry mud cakes or citrus lemon cakes. All of the above are ridiculously delicious and are sure to please any palate.   

cake 12.jpg

(image sources via Pinterest)

Cupcakes Are Absolutely On-Trend

Over the last couple of years, there has been a large increase in both cupcake towers as well as macaron towers with a small top cutting cake. With the ever increasing costs of weddings and parties in general, options such as these help bring down plating costs at the venue as people are able to help themselves to one single portioned cupcake or macaron rather than catering staff cutting and serving cake slices to each guest.

It’s also (depending on the level of decoration) a way to keep costs down for your cake decorator as there are not as many hours spent baking large cakes, covering and making sure structural supports are in place as well as crafting handmade sugar flowers or any other decorations.

Another huge trend that has taken off recently is the dessert table as a whole. An entire table full of mini sweet treats from tiny little tarts and bite-sized cakes to little jars of mousses and layered beauties all displayed out on cake stands and platters with fairy lights and fresh flowers and chalkboards. There is something truly magical and breathtaking about seeing it all come together!

Putting the Icing On Your Cake

A recent trend that I am absolutely in love with, and that has been one of my top requested styles for the past couple of years, has been all about the rustic look. You just can’t beat the simplicity of a naked or textured buttercream cake with fresh flowers adorning the top and side.

cake 13.jpg
(Cakes by Sweet Creams)

Buttercream is also a more delectable and pleasant ingredient as opposed to the smooth, clean-lined, fondant finished cakes. Fondant can be rather overpoweringly sweet and in this day and age of sugar being our No. 1 enemy a lot of customers are opting for alternative ingredients.  

cake 11.jpg
(Cakes by Sweet Creams)

You then have the brides and grooms that want to have a unique statement centrepiece that is one of the talking points in the room for the night. I’m talking the style of cakes like the hidden superhero cakes or the sprinkle cakes with the big fondant bows or a bold coloured fondant like a red or black with intricate details. These styles make me smile from the inside out. I love that every single one of these couples are completely on board with their choices and simply cannot wait for their guests to see their truly unique cake design.

Pinterest is inspiration Central!

I would always suggest to brides and grooms when enquiring about a wedding cake to already have a style in mind. For this, Pinterest is absolutely your best friend!

cale 5.jpg

(image sources via Pinterest)

It is important to keep in mind when looking through elaborate designs that cake pricing is made up of:

The cost of your ingredients +The amount of time spent making decorations + Delivery to the venue.

As you can imagine, a rustic buttercream covered cake with fresh flowers is going to cost less than a fondant covered cake with extensive detail and handmade sugar flowers or figurines.

Make sure you know what is out there

Remember: the cheapest quote is not always the best option. Check reviews and past customer feedback, ask to see pictures of previous similar styles they have done, and make sure to book in a tasting. After all, you want your cake to taste as good as it looks!

And start looking soon. It’s best to give as much detail as possible, including your wedding date, as peak seasons for all wedding vendors fill up very fast and very far in advance - leave yourself plenty of time to book in suppliers so you don’t miss out.

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