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Adelaide's Top 20 Wedding Photographers

They’re probably one of the most important aspects of your special day. When it comes to organising a photographer for your wedding, the options are endless. In Adelaide alone, there hundreds and hundreds of creative photographers ready to capture those priceless moments between you and your partner.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the Top 20 Photographers, to make it a whole lot easier in making your decision.

Explore them all and find the one for you…

  1. Nicholas Purcell: For over fifteen years, Nicholas has been capturing those special moments between bride and groom. Spending time between Adelaide and Paris, he’s featured in countless magazines, with Complete Wedding Magazine calling him “one of the world’s best wedding photographers”. With a range of packages to suit your budget, discover more about Nicholas Purcell today.

    Image via Nicholas Purcell

  2. Little Car: Specialising in natural wedding and portrait photography, Little Car seeks to use an organic approach to capture the unique love story of every couple. Each and every photo displays the candid moments between a couple.

  3. Alice Bell Photography: Based in Middleton, South Australia, Alice is a multi-award winning, fresh, modern and innovative photographer. Capturing magical moments between lovers, her extensive portfolio shows her wide range of skills and abilities.

    nicholaspurcellstudio--1-166Image via Nicholas Purcell

  4. Kate Pardey Photography: Working across Australia, Kate seeks to capture images of fun, relaxed weddings and all kinds of families. She hopes to capture the secret smiles and all the little moments between the big events.

  5. Amanda Kate Photography: Based in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Amanda enjoys captured gorgeous moments and memories for families and couples.

  6. Run Wild Photography: This husband and wife team create images that best capture the fun, free-spirited couples they photograph. Drew and Maddy charge no travel fee, working between Adelaide, Melbourne, Bendigo and Mildura.

    rsz_nicholaspurcellstudio_-_1Image via Nicholas Purcell

  7. Blush Wedding Photography: Described as clean, stylish and candid, Blush Wedding Photography aims to create lifelong memories, and capture these in a timeless and beautiful way.

  8. Willow Creek Studio: Tenille is a multi-award winning photographer, and seeks to tell the stories of couples through her images. Located in Belair, Willow Creek focuses on providing beautiful quality photos and images for generations to treasure.

  9. Rachel Elizabeth Photography: Rachel strives to tell honest, heartfelt stories through each and every one of her photos. Whether it be a wedding, engagement or family, there’s a package for you. From $3,800 Rachel can create the memories you’ve always wanted.

    nicholaspurcellstudio-small-45Image via Nicholas Purcell

  10. Panache Photography: This experienced team of photographers based in North Adelaide, create memories that you’ll treasure forever. Panache seek to capture people when they’re at their most natural - for a true reflection of a wonderful wedding celebration.

  11. PaulMac Photography: Accredited, AIPP award winning wedding photography, PaulMac has developed a unique style of wedding images to reflect all personalities.

  12. Belle Photo: Well known for its contemporary, artistic wedding and portrait photography. Joe D’Angelo provides affordable, wedding photography for couples across the state. Images are modern and fashion forward, but most importantly are timeless.

    nicholaspurcellstudio-small-95Image via Nicholas Purcell

  13. Pardon My French: Brigitte is a national award winning photographer with a natural creative flair. She strives to get brides and grooms feeling comfortable on their special day, with all images reflecting only the love and character of those in front of the camera.

  14. B Captured: Made up of two multi-award winning photographers, Ky Luu and Tony Fu capture a personalised service to create images that incorporate the ideas and requests of clients. The images are unique, creative and surreal.

  15. Stirling Photography: Carly works between Adelaide and Bali, capturing the love stories of couples from around the world. She believes that it’s more than taking photos, it’s important that the images capture the love, unseen moments and the ones you’ll remember for a lifetime.

    nicholaspurcellstudio--1-155Image via Nicholas Purcell

  16. What Pete Shot: Pete believes that weddings should be big, fun celebrations without the stuffiness, creating an environment to capture people in the moment. Travelling all around South Australia, Pete’s portfolio reflects a wonderful collection of exciting, heartfelt and wonderful images.

  17. Love Fool: Allowing couples to completely be themselves has allowed Maddie to capture moments that are genuine, intimate and hilarious. She seeks to capture the moments and happiness in your eyes through a lens, so you can remember that exact feeling of joy for the rest of your lives.

  18. Jason Wong Photography: Jason loves weddings, and believes that each person is unique and beautiful. Capturing the emotions and lovely moments that tell a story are elements within each and every one of his images.

    nicholaspurcellstudio-small-421Image via Nicholas Purcell

  19. Ivory Fox: Megan strives to capture the loud moments, the quiet ones and the in-betweens when you think no one is watching. She not only aspires to create emotive imagery, Ivory Fox is after creating a wedding that is relaxed and enjoyed.

  20. Carla Micucci Photography: Carla strives to use natural light to provide a collection of images that best tell the stories of your relationship. Having captured the love between colours since 2011, Carla has years of experience and is renowned across Adelaide.

For more information on these photographers please visit their website.

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