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Best Engagement Ring Designs for Vintage Fashion Lovers

Are you a lover of both vintage jewellery and beautiful vintage fashion? A fan of those unique, one-of-a-kind finds? Whether you're the one who admires those 20's, 30's and 40's designs, or your partner does, we all know someone who manages to pull them off as if they were born in that era. 

The hardest part though is finding an engagement ring that suits your personality; a diamond design that imitates your love for all things old-school and classic. Something that is Great Gatsby in its creation. Something that is exactly what you're after.

At Gerard McCabe, we have a collection of vintage engagement rings that are truly one-of-a-kind. Having been passed on through generations, they represent love, life and everything in between, and are truly priceless in the history they hold. If you're looking for something that truly represents your appreciation for all things vintage, start exploring the range of vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings available. There's something for everyone, no matter the price point.

The Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring is possibly the most iconic engagement-style ring of the late 19th century. Our Gerard McCabe Adelaide Arcade boutique has one on show at the moment. The all yellow gold Victorian cluster style diamond ring features scalloped claws and is set with old-mine cut diamonds. A prominent design during the 19th and 20th century, these cluster rings are increasingly gaining popularity today as people seek more unique, and timeless engagement rings for their loved ones.



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Our range of antique and period jewellery is constantly changing, with new designs arriving daily.  

Antique Jewellery - The Language of Love

Gerard McCabe has also created engagement rings with vintage influence, inspired by the designs of those times. Like the Victorian cluster ring above, our designers have taken classic characteristics of traditional rings and created modern interpretations - fully customisable. Take for example the ever-popular Posy Diamond Ring, a design that is effortlessly romantic. Timeless in its depiction of the traditional Edwardian/Victorian cluster ring style, the Posy Ring is well suited to lovers of vintage styles. Unique in comparison to modern engagement rings, this design features a central round diamond, surrounded by smaller round brilliant cut diamonds.


Discover Gerard McCabe’s Posy Diamond Ring

The Posy Diamond Ring also features ridges along the band and split shoulder design. Demonstrating a vintage allure to lovers of the era. Besides its unique craftsmanship, in comparison to proper vintage engagement rings, the Posy Diamond Ring can be created to suit any metal, carat weight or finger size.

Another vintage-inspired engagement design is Gerard McCabe’s Trinity Rose Ring. Romantically-designed, the pattern that runs along the ring is inspired by the Australian flower Boronia Molloyae. This flower is similar to a rose, which represents love, making this design the perfect symbol of your admiration for your partner. Based on organic shapes, like the flowers themselves, the design connects around the ring, with side diamonds scattered alongside the filigree. A matched set of three round brilliant cut diamonds sit at the centre of the ring


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It’s as if time has stood still with the Trinity Rose engagement ring, the use of natural elements and beautifully-cut diamonds make it truly timeless. An iconic representation of your never-ending love. Available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, the Trinity Rose Engagement Ring is versatile and customisable, making not a single one the same. 

Not necessarily vintage in their entirety, Gerard McCabe’s collection of cushion-cut diamonds feature a traditional 19th century-style diamond. It’s the perfect choice if you're wanting the best of both worlds: a vintage-inspired diamond, with a modern design aesthetic. Cushion cut diamonds are either a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners - resembling a pillow. With more significant facets allowing for greater separation of white light into spectral colours - cushion cuts were conceived during the 19th century. Adapted and developed over the years, it’s a nod to tradition if you appreciate old-style, vintage rings. 

Gerard McCabe has used a cushion-cut diamond in two prominent designs: the Aura Collection and Classic Slimline. The Aura Collection features a central cushion cut diamond surrounded by glistening gemstones to maximise the sparkle. Modern in its ring design, the cushion cut diamond is perfect for the vintage-lover in all of us.



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Gerard McCabe’s Classic Collection radiates simplicity and elegance, crafted with a single cushion cut centre diamond. This dominating feature has an enduring style - the ultimate sign of timeless style, sophistication and taste.


Discover the entire Classic Slimline Cushion Cut range

The team at Gerard McCabe have years of experience, with an endless range of options to suit any style. There’s undoubtedly an engagement ring for every personality. The detail within engagement rings is crucial in finding one that best represents your love, so whether you’re after something elegant or timeless, there’s an option for you. 

Explore the range on offer, and discover more options at Gerard McCabe. 

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