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Bridesmaid Gift Guide


They have been with you through all the stages. The engagement. The dress. All the associated highs and lows that come with the stress of planning your dream wedding.

We’re not talking about your fiance here, either. Thinking about surprising the lovely ladies in your life who have become your bridesmaids?  You should. It would be a fitting thank you for all their help and support through this wonderful and stressful time.

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Why not celebrate your special friendship and say thank you for all their help on the big day. Let our Bridesmaid Gift Guide help you get the perfect gift for those special ladies in your life.


Something to Treasure

Why not consider splashing out on some matching jewellery sets for your bridesmaids to wear on the day? Mix and match a set from our Luminosity pearl collection. Guaranteed to enhance your bridesmaid dresses. Available in silver, with gorgeous freshwater pearls from $395.  White pearls (and soon to be pink pearls coming by late January) make the present.

Spoil your maid of honour with an 18ct South Sea Pearl version or put a request in for one for yourself! All Luminosity pearls are hand selected for their top quality lustre and clean skins. The perfect addition to your big day.


Gerard McCabe Pearl Earrings


Luminosity Silver Pearls $595.00


Something Extravagant

How about a day of pampering with your girlie set? A spa day set in the beautiful Adelaide hills. Or a quick trip to Melbourne or a Tasmanian interlude to compose before the big day. Perhaps a luxurious vintage champagne, accompanied by a thoughtful note. he idea of spoiling them with something they would never purchase themselves is lovely. An extravagant surprise will let your bridesmaids know just how much you value their contribution to your wedding.


Gerard McCabe Diamond Jewellers


Something to Personalise

The ultimate in gift giving is the personalised gift. If you do decide to gift jewellery, why not ask to have it hand engraved? To further imbue it with meaning, make it a personal motto or in-joke between friends. Your girlfriend will be reminded of the laughs and joys of your meaningful friendship. A fantastic gift idea is to get matching robes. Get them monogrammed with each of your bridesmaids initials. Either in luxurious silk or soft terry towelling. These thoughtful and desirable gifts also make for a great photo opportunity as you get ready on the big day!

 Gerard McCabe Diamond Jewellers

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Something to Engage

Sometimes the nicest things in life are associated with a practical value. So instead of jewellery, why not think about a beautiful time piece? A watch, that your bridesmaid will wear every day or as a special occasion dress piece is a wonderful gift idea. As the minutes of time march on by she will be reminded of her importance in you and your future husband’s life. A truly thoughtful gift for your best girlfriends to share together.  

Gerard McCabe Ladies Watches Adelaide


Cadence Time Piece $995.00



Something Unforgettable

How about an experience with just you your bridesmaids? A hot air balloon ride over the Barossa Valley. With a champagne breakfast aloft the rolling vineyards. Or perhaps a luxury cruise for the day, taking in the sparkling vistas or South Australian waters. Let the excellent company and stunning scenery make for an unforgettable experience.


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Whatever you decide to gift, know that your bridesmaids are happy to be a part of your big day. Sharing in your wonderful memories. Friendship like that is for treasuring and deserves to be celebrated. Go on, spoil those wonderful women in your life.

To discover more options for those special ladies, why not call in to one of our Adelaide or Melbourne jewllery boutiques today and talk to one of our friendly and experienced consultants.


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