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Couture+Love+Madness featuring Gerard McCabe

Couture+Love+Madness is one of South Australia’s leading designer brands, specialising in bridal gowns, red-carpet, formals, race wear and mother-of-the-bride and groom.

Head Designer, Cristina Tridente, works one-on-one with her clients, creating a journey like no other.

Her recent collection, La Vie En Rose, was shot at Bremer Farm in Callington late last year and is a testament to Cristina’s impeccable eye for detail and talent. The natural harsh Australian landscape was the perfect backdrop for these delicate, feminine dresses - the ideal contrast for an exciting shoot.

Gerard McCabe Jewellers were privileged to provide the jewellery featured in that shoot. You can see the photos though this interview.

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We sat down with Cristina, in her new Norwood showroom, and experienced her creativity for itself…

How many years have you been creating bridal gowns?

I’ve had Couture+Love+Madness since 2011, and we’ve done on and off wedding gowns for the past 11 years, but the last collection, ‘La Vie En Rose,’ was crafted for brides who are looking for something a little different.


What inspires your designs?

Anything. The world around us, no matter what you see, brings some sort of inspiration to my designs; they challenge me to design something outside of the box.

It’s also the fabric for me; the texture and look and feel. I don’t buy a fabric unless I know what I’ll be creating with it.

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What part of the creation process excites you the most?

Seeing it come together. Since I design in my head, watching it become something I can feel and touch is exciting. But to be honest, working with real people, helping someone get ready on their big day, and seeing their personality come through the dress we’ve worked on together, is an exciting and incredibly rewarding moment.

What does the process look like when creating a couture wedding gown?

The bride and her entourage come in, we have a chat about what styles they like. What they’re looking for out of their gown - is it something over-the-top, or something simple? Do they want lace and intricate detailing or something classic and contemporary?

If they’re looking for something with lace or texture, we get different samples, and we find a fabric that really suits their personality. With a design in mind, and their selected fabrics, I create the first draft on their measurements. We adjust that and we make sure they’re happy with the way it fits. And then we start working on the real thing.

The whole process is very hands on and collaborative, with the bride-to-be and myself - ensuring it captures everything they ever imagined.

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What should a bride consider when choosing their wedding dress designer?

What do they want out of their gown? We focus on having well cut dresses that are made for your figure, so that you know that it’s going to fit you and be entirely unique. Brides should ask themselves if they’re after something one-of-a-kind that no one else will ever own, or something off the rack. 

Tell us about your new showroom…

I’ve always loved the Parade in Norwood. I saw this place and immediately knew it was the place I was after. The colour palette is natural, old gold, and we have all the room we need; a cutting room, workroom and store room in the one location. I feel like it’s an inviting space, people are welcome to come through and have a look and discover some of the unique pieces we’ve got. 

Are you looking to expand interstate and overseas… or have you already done so?

At the moment I’m really focusing on the clients who are coming through our doors. We are getting enquiries from interstate and overseas though, and catering for all. 

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What is your ultimate moment? A celebrity wedding, Brownlow dress, Golden Globes?

Golden Globes, Academy Awards, something like that would be amazing. But to be honest it’s really exciting seeing your dress on real people. Working with a bride and capturing her personality in a gown, watching her on her day; it’s all a really fantastic and overwhelming feeling.

Discover the beautiful new range from Cristina Tridente in her La Vie En Rose collection, and fall in love with the delicate, feminine designs from Couture+Love+Madness.

Couture+Love+Madness is located on Norwood Parade, and offers clients a wonderful experience from the moment you step through the doors.

Pieces from our Aura, ORO3 and Seven50  Collections have been featured in these stunning images - you can view our collections via these links.

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