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Creative ways to propose to your loved one

Asking the love of your life for their hand in marriage is a significant moment in anyone's life. As special as it is, you want to make sure it's memorable and unique as the love you share.

Whether you already have something in the works or are looking for ways to bring your dream dinner proposal to life, Gerard McCabe Jewellers have put together a great list of creative ways to propose over dinner.

Pick a place that’s special in your relationship

If you have a special place you celebrate milestones at, or somewhere you both love to eat, why not make it that little more special. Maybe it’s where you had your first date, or where you both first said: “I love you”? The creativity of the proposal can come through so many aspects. 

If an intimate restaurant proposal is not exactly what you’re after, perhaps a family dinner could be the key. Pop the question with your closest friends and family witnessing the happy moment. Your partner will never forget the fact that everyone so dear to them was there as well.


AmbiEnce is Key

When it comes to a proposal, the ambiance is an essential part. Nothing says romance like live music, candlelight, and roses. The most successful proposals are those with an innate attention to detail. Where the proposer knows their partner's wishes. If you have space and time, organise photos from your relationship, play their favourite song, or maybe choose the place based on the view. Or perhaps a destination proposal?

Don’t forget to let the restaurant or location know your plans. Call and ask to speak to the manager. Together you can work out how the evening can be worked out. Taking the time to discuss where to sit, what to serve, and let the manager know when you plan to propose. In front of the fire, by a window, or maybe a cozy booth? Whatever you choose, manage your expectations by gathering the best practices from the manager.



Why not pop the question at dessert? Although you probably don’t want to twirl the ring in your pocket for too long, we suggest popping the question at dessert or near the end of the meal. Once you’ve asked, you’ll be too thrilled and want to share the news.



Combine it with an Engagement PartY

A lot of restaurants will offer a private room so that you can tackle two-to dos with one event. Your nearest and dearest can hide while you pop the question, and the celebrations can continue. It’s a beautiful way of sharing the big news. And the best part is, you’ll knock off two of the most significant expenses of your engagement time!


Gerard McCabe - Solitaire Rose Engagement Ring

Don’t forget the champagne

It’s not a real celebration if there isn’t any champagne! Have some handy, or if you have friends and family waiting nearby, have a bucket full of chilled sparkling wine to kick off the party. Whether champagne is your thing, or you’re more of a cocktail duo, have some delicious drinks on the go to cheers to the next chapter of your love story.

GMAC Champagne Wedding Anniversary

If you’re planning a dinner proposal, these helpful tips will help you avoid the nerves when you’re asking the big question.

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