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Design Files: The Fleur de Lis Bridal Rings

Connect to the pure joy of nature with the Gerard McCabe Fleur de Lis engagement ring. This ring joins our most popular collection ever - Fleur de Lis.

Delicate and feminine.

Delicate and feminine, this romantic engagement ring design incorporates rosebuds with organic elements of leaves and stems. The floral elements are designed to entwine with a natural and free movement to enhance the beauty of this ring.

Roses are a timeless symbol of your romance and love.

The fleur de Lis engagement ring is crafted in perfect proportions to enhance the centre diamond from 0.50ct to 1.50ct.




Special care has been given to the design allowing wedding and anniversary bands to fit alongside this ring. This ring has a matching wedding band but is also designed to fit nicely with a straight diamond band or plain gold wedding band. Available in combinations of premium 18ct white, yellow and rose gold, or luxurious platinum.



Our head designer Nazanin, shares some of her design thoughts with us:

A design that I will always be proud of. We perfectly achieved the word “Different” in designing this ring. A great team effort from idea to design and then manufacturing. The roses are so alive and fresh in this ring… you can water it every time you rinse your hands!

Roses are symbols of love. We don’t have to pick them and put them in a vase to enjoy the feelings and romantic messages they bring.

We took the everyday beauty of the rose and twisted it in the band of this ring. Now it lays on your finger forever and holds the diamond like a sparkly bud on top. This ring touches your heart every time you gaze upon this symbol of love. The matching twisted wedding band features two leaves on top that are hugging each other like lovers.

This ring touches your heart every time you gaze upon this symbol of love.

This bridal ring collection is beautiful from the side view as well. The wedding band is elegant by itself and also makes a great stack ring. The wedding band alone is a great option for ladies who prefer a less ostentatious engagement ring with a bit of a fancy touch.




Generally Fleur de Lis jewellery is a great option for people who love nature, gardening and flowers. I have no doubt that you would never get tired of this collection as there are so many interesting elements to you to enjoy.

If you would like to view more information about the Fleur de Lis engagement ring, you can visit our online store - Follow this link > Fleur de Lis engagement ring.

At Gerard McCabe we also offer no obligation Engagement Ring and Wedding Band consultations.







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