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Engagement Presents for Him

They have gone through the months of fretting over the proposal. And of course, the dreaded ring selection. It’s an incredibly exciting and yet stressful time in a man's life.

At once the most courageous and scariest decision and question they could possibly ask. It’s a commitment and the beginning of a new life journey together. So if you feel like you want to thank him in some tangible way (other than saying yes) then buying him a gift is a fantastic way to show that.

Think outside the Box

Quite literally! It doesn’t have to come neatly packaged with a bow. Think about creating an experience together. Maybe surprise him with that F1 driving lesson he has always raved about? Or a trip to a mountain retreat, just the two of you contemplating the future ahead of you. By surprising him with a trip or something he’s always dreamed of doing you are creating a beautiful shared memory.




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A first Edition

Is your partner an intellectual? Do they value the written word above most things in life? What could be a finer gift than a first edition by one of their favourite authors? This is such a special idea. At once romantic and thoughtful, your choice of book can spin a thousand words of meaning. Quite literally, depending on your text!



Vintage Values

If money is no object, for your object of affection, why not consider a vintage watch? These pieces are rare and unique and don't depreciate in value. With stunning design principles that last throughout the years, this is a worthy investment. Vintage not your intended’s interest? If he is more of the rugged type too hands on for a delicate vintage piece, why not try one of our exquisite designs? Every timepiece is individual, with special precision quartz movements. Our designs are exclusive to Gerard McCabe Jewellers and are built to last.




Gerard McCabe Lunar Timepiece $595.00

Serious Cufflinks

A simple set of cufflinks is always an elegant option. Practical, purposeful and the perfect accessory. These can be a quirky and original choice for an engagement gift. Sterling silver or gold  cufflinks are an extravagant but beautiful design for your intended. Engravable designs mean that you are able to put your own special message or time and date.




Play to their Interests

Is your future intended a keen golfer? Why not treat them to a new set of clubs? A sure fire way to show them how much you appreciate them is by indulging in their passions. Just because you don’t share them doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate them. 



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A Ring of their Own

Mens jewellery is seeing a style renaissance and not just for cufflinks and mens watches. In particular, mens rings are back in fashion. The ultimate gift you can offer is their own engagement ring. It’s not for all, but there is a significant trend towards men sporting engagement rings. Think of its as a mutual sigil and commitment to each other, on display for all the world to see. These can be worn with a wedding band just as your own engagement ring and eternity ring nestle in together. Check out our collection. 


So go ahead, spoil your groom. After all, why should brides get all the fun?


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