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Have you considered engraving your wedding ring?

One of the most exciting times for any engaged couple is choosing the wedding bands, and later, deciding what to have engraved. The rings themselves are a symbol of eternity, as the circle never ends, it only ever continues. The token goes beyond the wedding day itself, offering sentiment throughout the couple’s journey together.

It’s a tradition that dates back centuries, and the thought behind these inscribing are timeless and truly meaningful. So as you’re deciding what to engrave, consider the following...


The history behind the tradition

For centuries, wedding bands have proceeded the giving of an engagement ring, celebrating betrothal, and promise ring, which celebrates courting. But the history of engraving, began in Europe, where people would scribe their spouse’s name and the date of the impending wedding, to symbolise family. As the years have gone by, the tradition has continued but the sentiment has slightly changed. Some couples take a humorous direction with their engraving, whilst others strike more of a religious tone. It comes down to personal taste, as it only reflects the couple.

Why engrave your wedding band?

There are more reasons to engrave your wedding band than not to. Most importantly, it’s a beautiful way to express the special sentiments shared between husband and wife in a permanent way. Whether it be common terms like “I love you” or “always” these endearments truly personalise the band, making them uniquely yours. The messages make it a treasured keepsake for family and loved ones for generations to come. 

What should I engrave on the wedding bands?

It’s hard coming up with sentimental notes when you’re under pressure. It’s important to remember that the message shouldn’t be rushed, and you should take your time and be happy with what you’ve decided.

Some popular engraving suggestions are:

Initials, names or wedding date

Possibly the most popular engraved options are your partner’s initials, name or wedding date (or all three)! It’s an easy option if you can’t decide on a message, and are looking for something you know you’ll love forever.


Love quotes

Hopeless romantic? Maybe a love quote that melts your heart is the way to go. Personalise the band with a quote that’ll define your relationship for years to come; a phrase that means something to both of you and represents you as a couple.

Common suggestions are ‘to the moon and back’, ‘now and forever’ and ‘my one and only’.

Part of your wedding vows

Whether you’re reading the traditional vows, or have written some of your own, engraving a few of the most sentimental words on the inside of the ring will remind you of the words you promised one another.

Something meaningful in Italian, Spanish or a different language

If there’s a foreign city that has significance in your relationship, why not engrave a phrase in that language? Something romantic like ti amo (Italian) or siempre (Spanish).

How should you engrave your ring?

There are many ways to engrave your wedding band, either by hand or by machine. And this alone is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At Gerard McCabe we offer hand engraving services; as hand engraving will last forever, it doesn’t wear out, and remains as it was when it was first etched. The look in itself is deeper than that of machine engraving adding structure and detail to your ring. Besides this, hand engraving is extremely flexible, meaning the artist can work with a variety of surfaces and achieve an excellent result no matter the type of jewellery.

Gerard McCabe’s chosen engraver undertook a six-year apprenticeship to learn his craft with the Queen’s Crown Jewellers in London, and is recognised globally for his high level of craftsmanship.

All engravings at Gerard McCabe, whether they are for wedding bands or other gifts, are 100% crafted by our master engraver. Besides the craftsmanship of hand engraving, the sentiment behind it means the piece is well and truly unique and your own. 

Our team are always happy to help when it comes to purchasing wedding bands and the steps that follow. Gerard McCabe has an extensive range of wedding bands, crafted in white, yellow or rose gold along with platinum and titanium.

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