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Longview, Getaway in the picturesque Adelaide Hills

Are you looking for a unique wedding venue? Somewhere you and your loved ones can escape to; a peaceful and tranquil place?

Longview Vineyard was established in 1995, and is an iconic wedding destination in the breathtaking Adelaide Hills. Having recently won the annual ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Awards) Ceremony Venue, there’s no surprise so many people are talking about the beauty of this wonderful winery.  


Having been involved in our recent Bridal Weekend, we got to know the team at Longview Vineyards, so we asked them a few questions for our bridal clients, and found out a bit more about what exactly a wedding at Longview entails…

How far is Longview from the city?

Longview is situated less than one hour from Adelaide’s CBD.

What sort of venue does Longview offer Brides and Grooms?
Longview’s wedding ceremonies are held on the lawn overlooking the vine-covered hills, as the gum trees tower majestically around the perimeter. The charming reception room also offers Brides and Grooms a blank canvas with vaulted ceilings, bold timbers, stone and classic Australian galvanised iron, surrounding you and your guests with a wall of windows showing panoramic views over the vineyard.

What makes Longview such a unique venue for guests?
Longview Vineyard uses the land to tell its story. Everything on offer speaks of the land; and nothing is more evident than the wide array of wines offered, spanning twelve varieties and blends.

What sort of foods are on offer for guests?
The chef’s at Longview pride themselves in their attention to detail, with respect for local produce and an exceptional understanding of a broad range of cuisines. They are incredibly flexible, ensuring there is always an abundance of food. We make sure no one goes hungry at a Longview wedding.

What sort of additions can you offer a Bride and Groom?
Longview also has 12 luxury on-site suites, which can accommodate up to 36 wedding guests. It truly completes the entire experience of a wedding-weekend getaway. Included in our on-site suites is full breakfast provisions, with the vines, walking trails and a brand new Cellar Door right at your doorstep.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples planning their reception?
Make the most of the team that you have around you. We completely understand that in most cases couples have never planned a wedding before, so don’t feel like your questions are silly or you’re being an inconvenience. If you’re not sure what you should do next- that’s exactly why we’re here! If you’re fortunate enough that your venue has a dedicated events team like Longview does, who are specifically selected for their passion and experience with all things wedding, be sure to make the most of the asset!

The more questions you ask and the more you share your dream vision for the day, the more you get out of your venue experience. Why spend hours hunting for your perfect suppliers, when chances are your Event Manager will have a huge number of suggestions that suit the winery’s feel and dynamics. This gives you time to spend on Pinterest finding inspiration for Step Two!  


Could you give us an indication of price for a wedding/wedding reception held at Longview Vineyard?
As with most things in life, this really depends on what you want. The time of year, day of the week, guests numbers, menu style and event design all play a part in what your end cost is going to be, so it’s best to talk to us direct and we can arrange a quote for you.

At Longview we pride ourselves on customising a wedding day perfect for the individual couple, so whilst we generally specialise in weddings ranging from 55 to 150 guests, we also cater for intimate weddings. Last month we had a gorgeous couple who truly wanted only their nearest and dearest, so we tailored an exclusive 6 course degustation dinner with wine pairings for their group of 8, including the bride and groom!

Are there any must have “things” that couples should have at their reception?
The only must have thing is each other, everything else is a bonus. There are so many amazing elements you can add. Our venue looks incredible with floral installations interspersed with drop pendants suspended from the ceiling, creating a real juxtaposition against the exposed wooden beams and wrought iron.

Then there are the unique extras you didn’t even know existed like a chocolate fountain operated by your own qualified chocolatier. Personal photo booth that links to your phone, allowing guests to take shots anywhere around the property, before picking up their polaroid to add to your guest book. At the end of the day your reception should be about sharing your love for each other with those closest to you, no matter how that looks for you. Express you own personalities and create the day of your dreams, not anybody else’s.

Can you tell us about some of your most favourite receptions you have hosted?

My favourite weddings are always the ones that start with a couple who seem like kids in a candy store, full of excitement, jumping from one idea to the next and still in a state of disbelief that they’re actually getting married! We work with our brides and grooms from start to finish, so it’s really rewarding getting to know them on a personal level and help their visions come to life. When you work with someone towards such a special milestone over the space of a year or two it’s hard not to get invested!

One of my favourite moments to date is still the time a groom wanted to create a truly memorable moment for his new wife, so he surprised her with a string quartet who appeared solely to perform the song she’d chosen for their bridal dance. Those raw emotion moments are what make a wedding so special and personal. We also love it when a couple comes to us with a completely different angle! We once had a gorgeous couple where the groom was Australian and the bride was Indian, so to fulfill both of their belief systems they held a ‘White Dress’ Christian service followed directly by a ‘Red Dress’ Hindu service, it was extremely special and captured the true importance of what marriage really is.

For more information on what Longview Vineyard’s can promise you on your special day, explore their website, or get in touch with them here.

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