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Men's Wedding Ring Guide

After the pressure of the proposal and engagement ring choosing has worn off, it can often seem like the groom has little left to do or say.

Suddenly, if all those television shows are anything to go by, the wedding becomes solely about the bride. Her dress, her bridesmaids, her jewellery, her hair, her makeup….it is a baffling array of ‘to do' for the bride to be. So where does the groom fit into all of this, as her star ascends and his wanes into the background?

Let’s all take a moment and give the groom a little bit of attention.

It’s not all about the bride and her rings, although traditionally, this was technically true.

There are records that show that wedding bands existed for women in ancient Egypt. These could either be simple bands or a representation of the ouroboros. The ouroboros (a snake eating its own tale) represents eternity and the endless cycle. While the rings were worn by women, men were not known to wear a wedding ring, even up to quite modern times.  



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This came down to a number of factors, depending on the time and culture. For example, wedding rings were worn by women to show that they were owned or the property of their husbands. It was a handy signifier to stop other men coveting their property. Lovely.

engagement presents for him

Thankfully times have changed.  Modern marriage is generally less of a business contract and more of a romantic ideal. To that end, a wedding band on a man is a mutual statement of commitment and fidelity.  A daily reminder, and symbol of the love you share together.

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So when did the tide turn on men wearing wedding rings? For today, this is the current societal and social norm. But this didn’t really occur until the modern century. Historians largely agree that World War 2 was considered to be the massive shift in men wearing wedding bands.

Wearing a wedding band was a reminder during the horrors of war that there was a reason for fighting. That there were wives and families back at home. A comforting reminder, dimly glowing against the backdrop of warfare and destruction. A beautiful sentiment and symbolism of just how much that love was worth.

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Fast forward back to modern day. It can seem like once the groom has done the hard part of proposing that they tend to get pushed to the backseat. Well, gentlemen, it’s time to drag some of that limelight back on to yourself.

Because it is not all about the bride, it’s about you too.

Margaret, our resident mens wedding band expert, based in our Rundle Mall boutique agrees wholeheartedly.


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“I love selling mens wedding rings, and it can be a real challenge. Most of the guys have never worn a ring before. And they’re afraid. They are afraid of this ring that’s going on their finger. That it’s going to mean something significant. It’s a symbol of commitment and that they are off the market. It’s more than just a piece of jewellery.”

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This is where Margaret’s forte comes into play. It's a delicate process. Choosing your own wedding band as a man can be fraught with these sorts of niggles and worries.

“It’s a matter of talking them through the design process, how our rings are made and asking them questions about their lifestyle. It doesn't have to be a fraught decision!

I help them try rings on and usually that moment when they see the wedding band on they relax. It feels right. And then I just say to them this is the only time you ever get any attention paid to you for the rest of your life now so make the most of it!”

So take the advice from our in-store expert Margaret, and take this opportunity to enjoy yourself and the attention for a little longer.

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The party isn’t over for you yet, gentlemen! Why not book a time to come and see us in store, where we will help guide you through our mens wedding bands.

So you can be the star of the show for the day. 


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