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Something Borrowed...

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and A Silver Sixpence in Your Shoe.

This is probably one of the easiest parts to this beautiful tradition. There are so many things that you can "borrow" for your wedding. Perhaps you are working within a smaller budget? Borrowing a car for your transport or venue is nice (cheeky) way to borrow for your wedding. 

Maybe your sister or sister inlaw has been married before you - ask what they used as their "borrowed" - there might be a chance you could borrow the same item - start a tradition within the tradition.  

It is also a beautiful way to include your Mother in law to be in your special day.

  • A nice touch is to borrow something that someone close to you wore for their own wedding. Perhaps a veil or hairpiece. Or there might be a handkerchief that is passed along within your family for such occasions. Have a chat with your sister, Mum or best friend and see what comes to light.
  • Jewellery is a favourite when it comes to something borrowed. Does Mum have a beautiful strand of pearls that would be the perfect match to your neckline? Or perhaps there is a brooch or another beautiful accessory you could borrow from a friend?
  • What about borrowing something from hubby to be? You could stitch a pair of his cufflinks into a special pocket inside your dress or tied around your bouquet. Even better if he is wearing a matching pair on the day.
  • The borrowed item doesn’t necessarily have to be worn. How about borrowing a cake knife or server that was used in a friends wedding?


If you are borrowing jewellery to wear on your wedding day, consider getting it cleaned for the event. At Gerard McCabe we offer a full jewellery cleaning service. If you borrow a strand of pearls it may need professional clean or even rethreading to look it’s best on the day. Diamond and gemstone jewellery can be brought to life with a professional clean in our ultrasonic. If you are borrowing a silver piece or antique jewellery we can give it a light clean being mindful to retain the patina of the original piece.

Discuss your needs with our friendly staff in store and they can always prepare a no obligation quote for you.

Cleaning the jewellery will mean that it looks divine on your wedding day. Plus it’s a lovely way to say thank you to the person it was borrowed from when your return their jewellery in such lovely condition.


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