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Discover one of Gerard's favourite antiques

You may be an Antique jewellery lover looking for something extra special underneath the Christmas tree, or you may simply want to just spoil yourself. Gerard has the perfect solution for you, look no further than this gorgeous Essex Crystal Reverse Intaglio Brooch. 

One of Gerard’s most favourite pieces of Antique jewellery at any time is what is known as Essex crystal jewellery. The technical term for these magnificent pieces is ‘Reverse Intaglio’.


Gerard Presents The Reverse Intaglio Brooch:
29.11.21 Cropped Antique Video

Discover the Antique Collection

A Quartz Dome

Gerard has sourced the most divine example of a Reverse Intaglio Brooch, created in the 1870s-1880’s. This gorgeous design features two turtle doves hand painted after the lapidary (engraver) cut the quartz dome, beautifully drawing on the back of the piece of quartz.

Essex Crystal Reverse Intaglio Brooch

The Reverse Intaglio Brooch is part of the Antique Collection

Once the quartz has been engraved, it is hand-painted to perfection, revealing the spectacular design that we now admire. A beautiful picture of two Doves perched on a branch. Mother of Pearl is used behind the image to create the lovely Patina effect that is seen in the background.

‘What's not to like about something that is so labour intensive embodying the peak of the artistry of that time.’

Gerard McCabe

Etruscan Style Revival

This wondrous brooch is a feasible size, weighing approximately 27 grams. Never failing to delight, on the back of the brooch is a locket where a photo, a piece of hair or whatever you’d like can be placed in the spot behind the brooch. The jewellery produced around this era is known as the Etruscan Style Revival, featuring lovely granulation work on the sides of the brooch and a twisted wire. This design era produced these delightful works of art that Gerard loves.

We are excited to present the Reverse Intaglio Mid-Victorian brooch, featuring two elegant Turtle Doves. Visit this link to find out more about our Antique jewellery collection or alternatively you can make an appointment with us online.


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