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Celeste Diamond Engagement Ring - Oval Cut

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The Gerard McCabe Celeste Diamond Engagement Ring is a modern ring design with an oval cut diamond as its centrepiece. Fancy shape diamonds are increasingly popular for bridal ring sets. This classic proposal ring style is the perfect setting to allow the unique oval shape diamond to truly shine.

The Celeste design is influenced by the floral attributes of Art Nouveau jewellery. The Art Nouveau  period ran from around 1890 – 1910 and was characterised by organic, natural forms. We have incorporated the flow and movement of this organic jewellery period into the construction of the claws that clasp our exotic shaped diamonds. There is an elegant simplicity to the band of this ring design. It curves gently inwards as it approaches the central setting, and is adorned with brilliant round cut diamonds. These subtle curves serve to draw the eye to the beautiful oval shape diamond. 

An important design feature of this ring is that the setting holding the diamond is in direct contact with the finger. The ring finger has a vein which runs directly to the heart. This romantic design element connects the diamond directly to that vein, and thus the heart. The diamonds that run along the band, only adding to the beauty of this magnificent engagement ring. 

The Celeste ring is named after the musical instrument of the same name which was commonly used in romantic music during the late 1800s. This instrument produces a heavenly, tinkling musical tone. Romantic and delicate, just like this exquisite engagement ring design.

Celeste is specially designed to feature either pear cut or oval shape diamonds and is available with either a classic plain gold band or a diamond set band. The Celeste diamond linea ring has been designed to fit perfectly as a wedding ring or eternity ring with this engagement ring design. Celeste can be custom ordered in 18ct white, yellow or rose gold or Platinum.

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Key Features of the Celeste Engagement Ring:

  • Crafted in the perfect proportions to enhance your oval cut centre diamond from 0.50ct to 1.00ct. Also available with a pear cut diamond.
  • Specially designed with its own matching diamond wedding and anniversary bands which complete the masterpiece.
  • Available in premium 18ct white, rose or yellow gold, or luxurious platinum.


There are numerous factors that influence the price of diamonds and thus the price of your engagement ring. The carat weight (size), colour, clarity, cut grade and whether the diamond is independently certified each contribute to the price of the gem. 

At Gerard McCabe our diamond experts follow a strict selection process to ensure that every diamond we offer is stunningly beautiful. Our extensive diamond range offers a variety of quality grades and certification options from which to select your perfect gem.

A Gerard McCabe consultant can help you select your perfect diamonds to suit your budget, and desired quality, in one of our Adelaide jewellery boutiques. 


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