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Trinity Rose Engagement Ring

  • Trinity Rose Engagement Ring
  • Trinity Rose Rose Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

The Gerard McCabe Trinity Rose engagement ring is a romantic ring with which to declare your love. The pattern is shaped using roses and buds, drawing inspiration from the Australian flower Boronia Molloyae, which is very similar to the Rose. Roses always represent love, which makes this design a beautiful symbol for your proposal of love.

The claws are designed based on organic shapes, all gently connected to each other. The claw of one diamond is holding the next diamond too. It looks like if you take one out, the rest of the combination will fall apart. Exactly like people who love each other, their connection to each other is their secret to stand together and sparkle.

The Trinity Rose wedding band follows the same pattern. There is life flowing everywhere in this collection. Careful consideration has been given to the balance, proportion, and craftsmanship of the Trinity Rose ring to give you a strong, resilient ring design.



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Trinity Rose engagement ring comes in rose, yellow or white gold, or platinum.  The design incorporates a white gold setting which adds to the diamond's sparkle. You may like to consider the meanings of rose colours when selecting your gold colour: Rose gold can represent red roses which is one of the most universal symbols of true love. Yellow gold is for yellow roses which send a message of appreciation and platonic love, representing feelings of joy and delight. Finally white roses represented by white gold or platinum, symbolise unity, virtue and the pureness of a new love.

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Key Features of the Trinity Rose Ring:

  • Crafted in the perfect proportions for a total diamond weight of 1.00ct and above.
  • Specially designed with its own matching diamond wedding and anniversary bands which complete the masterpiece.
  • Available in superior 18ct white, yellow or rose gold, or luxurious platinum.


There are numerous factors that influence the price of diamonds and thus the price of your engagement ring. The carat weight (size), colour, clarity, cut grade and whether the diamond is independently certified each contribute to the price of the gem. 

At Gerard McCabe our diamond experts follow a strict selection process to ensure that every diamond we offer is stunningly beautiful. Our extensive diamond range offers a variety of quality grades and certification options from which to select your perfect gem.

A Gerard McCabe consultant can help you select your perfect diamonds to suit your budget, and desired quality, in one of our Adelaide jewellery boutiques. 


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