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Gemstone Spotlight: The Luxurious Pearl

Pearls are one of the first known gemstones to be used in jewellery. Significant gems, they are the traditional gift given for the celebration of 30 years of marriage and also the birthstone for June. But do you really need an excuse to add a luxurious pearl to your jewellery collection?

Pearls are versatile gems, both in appearance and application. Being natural gemstones, their colour, shape and size can vary widely. Australian South Sea Pearls, cultured in the Pinctada Maxima Oyster from the pristine coastal waters of northern Western Australia produce large, round, creamy white gems whilst the warmer waters around Tahiti are known for their darker grey, green and almost black pearls. The current fashion is for uniformly round and "perfectly" shaped gems, but pearls are available in many shapes, from oval and teardrop to baroque pearls.

Pearl jewellery has a classic appeal, and for good reason. They are always in fashion. Equally glamorous when worn by a Bride on her wedding day, as worn again to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Discover the variety of luxurious pearls on offer in our current jewellery collection.


B01-191112-1Luminosity Cultured Pearl Strand

The pearl 'strand' is a jewellery box staple. If you don't have a strand, it's likely that your Mother or Grandmother does. Many women find this classic accessory is something they come back to time and time again. Its simple elegance can elevate any outfit. Pearl strands are available in a number of lengths. The standard princess length strand (45cm long) is a versatile neclace which will sit nicely within a shirt collar or above a scouped neckline. Longer styles like the opera or rope lengths (76cms and longer) can be styled in various ways such as knotted or worn doubled over to change your look.

A pearl strand can be a base to add on jewellery elements in the future which leads to its wide appeal. Gemstone or diamond encrusted enhancer pendants can clip over your pearl strand or you can upgrade the clasp to become a design feature of the piece iself. A classic strand sets you up for a lifetime of stylish jewellery looks. 

South Sea Pearl RingLuminosity Embrace Pearl Ring

Australian South Sea Pearls are highly desirable gems. If you are looking for a statement piece, South Sea pearls typically are grown to larger than 12mm diameter, rarer pearls will be larger than 15mm in diameter, and this size makes them perfect for standout dress rings, pendants and earrings. 


Tahitian Pearl DesignLuminosity Embrace Tahitian Pearl Pendant

Being natural gemstones, there are great variations in colour amongst our pearl collection. Tahitian pearls are found in all manner of green, grey, black and even purple shades. If you are looking for a unique pearl, you are sure to find a colour like no other when choosing a dark Tahitian pearl. 


Pink freshwater pearl Luminosity Leaf Freshwater Pearl Pendant

Freshwater pearls are a fantastic option to introduce pearl jewellery to your collection. These natural gemstones are less expensive than the South Sea and Tahitian options, whilst still being very beautiful gems in their own right. Our current Luminosity collection features white and pink freshwater pearls. 

The Gerard McCabe team invite you to discover these glorious gemstones at either of our Adelaide jewellery stores or our mini store in the South Australian Museum Gift Shop.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone special, or for yourself, the elegant nature of pearls is the perfect token.

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