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Gemstone Spotlight: Sapphire

Sapphires are the birthstone of September, and the coloured variety on show lend themselves to fit perfectly among the changing hues of spring. 

A popular gemstone used in fine jewellery, Sapphires have a hardness rating of nine on Mohs Scale of Hardness. It is interesting to note that Diamonds have a hardness of ten. This property makes Sapphires a perfect gemstone for everyday jewellery and bridal jewellery.

We recently sat down with Belinda from our Adelaide Arcade Boutique, and she shared a few of her favourite things about these spectacular gemstones.

"Gerard selects some of the most breathtaking sapphires; always bright and lively stones that truly sparkle and shine," Belinda says.

"I love seeing a sapphire framed in diamonds, as they truly emphasis the glorious colour. The contrast creates drama, and for that girl who wants to be different, the sapphire does it elegantly". 

One of the most iconic Sapphire creations is Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge's Engagement Ring; formally, Princess Diana's. The oval shape, blue sapphire is the central gem surrounded by a collection of glistening diamonds, making it truly iconic. 

Gerard McCabe Sapphire Ring - HRH.jpg
Image sourced via Pinterest
When pairing diamonds and coloured gemstones, the play of colour is truly incredible. It's as if the glistening nature of these white diamonds, further enhances the deep array of hues within these stones. Take for example our incredible Bloom Ring, a magnificent combination of gemstones that create a piece truly unique and breathtaking. 
And our brand new Deco Collection oozes class and sophistication. Take for example this breathtaking Art-Deco inspired ring, a superb ring, featuring an array of deep blue sapphires and glistening diamonds. You'll fall in love as we have...
Besides the deep blue Sapphires are best known for, did you know that they also come in all colours of the rainbow? As Belinda describes, our Kaleidoscope Collection is truly "eye catching" - a marvellous representation of the unique composition of sapphires. 
Sapphire is the usual name for transparent corundum. Corundum is the mineralogical name for aluminium oxide. The usual colour associated with sapphires is blue, but sapphires can be almost any colour due to the process of isomorphism. 
Isomorphous replacement is the replacement of certain elements in a gemstone by another element of the same valency, without the gemstone changing in form. The word   isomorph  comes from  iso (same) and  morph (form). Thus, although the chemical makeup of the gemstone changes, the crystal form does not.
Corundum can be colourless, red, pink, blue, black, brown, orange, yellow, green, indigo, violet, or mauveRed corundum and most pink corundum are called ruby, blue corundum is called sapphire, and other colours are also called sapphire, usually with the colour specified as a prefix to the word sapphire, for example, yellow sapphire.
Pure corundum is colourless, often called white, and although quite rare, tends not to be valuable because it does not have much brilliance. Colours, as in many gemstones, are caused by small amounts of impurity, usually metallic oxides. This is definitely a case where an impurity is desirable in a gemstone.
The amazing isomorphic properties of sapphire are shown beautifully in our Kaleidoscope Collection. The Kaleidoscope Collection takes inspiration from nature's full spectrum of colours. Rainbows, wild flowers, exotic butterflies - these vibrant sapphires reflect all the beauty of the natural world. In Gerard McCabe's Kaleidoscope collection, one perfectly cut gemstone leads to another; the effect - a dazzling visual feast guaranteed to light up lives.
Gerard McCabe sees the beauty in nature - its colour and its hues - and translates this into his unique ranges of jewellery. Kaleidoscope captures the individuality of each natural sapphire: creating a rainbow of colour that tells its own story of movement and exploration, where - as if by magic - one gem leads to another and creates a story of its own.
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