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Gerard's Choice: Victorian Citrine Brooch

Sometimes your day just doesn’t get any better than this. 

I recently came across this amazing Victorian Citrine Brooch. The first thing that struck me was that amongst this typical Victorian design, the use of gold colour was most unusual. A contrast of pink, yellow and green gold. These colours combined with the large yellow citrine gemstone gave a symphony of colour.

Surrounding the citrine there were four pinkish red stones that needed further investigation. Off to the microscope…

We often think of the expansion of the universe as being quite exciting when we look up at the sky at night. Amazingly, we can see the reverse of this within a gemstone. So, to my delight, the stones yielded all sorts of secrets about their genesis in a spectacular way. Each stone has a different diagnostic inclusion to suggest that the stones are from the Burma ruby fields.

Gerard's Choice Victorian Citrine Brooch Antique Jewellery Adelaide

The upshot of this is we’ve got this 1870s brooch that is beautifully and subtly varied from what we usually see.

With it's great use of colour and interesting gemstones, this truly is a real Jeweller's Brooch.



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This piece will be released at our VIP event on Friday 26th of May and availabale online from Saturday.

If you are interested in antique jewellery and want to learn more, we have some excellent information on our website. 

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