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Give the Gift of Empowerment

Jewellery is an empowerment. It can represent feelings, memory, time and emotions. More than just the work of the moment, it can encompass time, place and reason. We adorn ourselves in our own memories and wear them close to our skin. These become part of your identity and portrayal of self- it’s a powerful thought. That’s why buying a piece of jewellery for somebody else is such a beautiful sentiment.

Indulge somebody you love with a tangible representation of your love.

It is such a wonderful feeling.  Celebrating milestones with a jewellery purchase should be as natural as buying a birthday or anniversary gift. We’ve put together a list, so you can start creating those memories for the special people in your life.

6 magical gift ideas for the love of your life

New Baby

The birth of a new baby, whether your own or a dear friend’s is the perfect occasion to celebrate. New beginnings and the joy of a baby are powerful moments. The new mother will be fit to burst with the emotion, so why not surprise her with a gift. A ring, engraved with the time and date of her baby's birth would be lovely. An heirloom piece that she could pass on when the baby turns 18.


Dazzling Pink Cirque Ring $2,995.00


A graduation gift is a brilliant idea. You are celebrating a huge amount of effort and it is the beginning of your child’s foray into adulthood. It’s an exciting but also stressful time for a young person. The terrifying unknown gapes before them, metaphorically speaking.

So show them there is only good to come and surprise them with a gorgeous piece. Consider a watch, one that will be a useful item at once and a beautiful daily reminder of how proud you are of them. A more classic graduation gift for young women are earrings like diamond studs or pearls.


For him, Alpine Timepiece $995.00


Stunning Tanzanite for her, Kilimanjaro Earrings $1, 495.00


Perhaps your child has been struggling toward a goal. Finally, they have achieved those grades they were after. A way to positively reinforce this is  to surprise them with a little token of your appreciation. Studies have shown that linking positive associations early on when achieving goals sets you up to be more productive as an adult. Which makes sense.

Exam time and the pressure of year 12 can get a little overwhelming.

Even to those that get consistently good grades, this stressful time can take its toll. So give them something to look forward to. A piece they can look at years later and still get that rush of pride and the knowledge of a job done well.

pearl.jpegLuminosity Classic Ring $395.00


Your friend or loved one just scored that mega promotion. They are feeling on top of the world right now. Whether it’s a career high or just a further step up the ladder. It’s worth doing something significant for the situation. Working our way up the career game is emotionally draining and very competitive. It often means one has had to fight and work harder than anybody else.

Surprise their enterprise with a meaningful gift.

A gorgeous pair of earrings, a watch or an engraved pendant. These provide an incredible validation. It shows your pride, interest and faith in their ability- which is priceless.


Echunga Christmas Rush Ring $6,995.00



Sometimes, jewellery can represent the steely resilience needed to combat a struggle. Often when we face adversity in life it can feel like we are doing so alone. That feeling of isolation and loneliness can be almost as great a hurdle as the initial problem.

It’s when we see our loved ones feeling at their worst that we need to step up.

A ring or a necklace is one way to show them you support their struggle. Worn close to their heart, it’s a physical sigil of your love and friendship. A tiny barrier against the darkness of the moment.


[ORO]3 Circles Pendant $1,745.00


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Emotional attachment goes deeper than a mere piece of bling. Symbolism and meaning and genuine sentiment entwine- lasting throughout the years. So celebrate the important moments of your loved ones. You are providing them with something much more than a keepsake. You are giving them a physical representation of your love.

You can’t put a price on that.


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