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Introducing the Pink Diamond Concierge Service

We love Pink Diamonds just as much as you do! Discover the Pink Diamond Concierge service, exclusively by Gerard McCabe.

With the Argyle Pink Diamond mine closing in November 2020, the demand for Pink Diamonds has skyrocketed! To keep up with our customer's needs for Pink Diamonds and provide them with exceptional customer service, we have created the Pink Diamond concierge.

When operational, the Argyle mine produced between 90-95% of the world’s pink diamond supply. Since its closure, a very high demand locally and internationally for Argyle diamonds has seen a rapid reduction in availability.

Justin McCabe outlines our Pink Diamond Concierge:


Pink Diamond Concierge


Discover our selection of Pink Diamonds

Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds Have Become Beyond Rare.

Through our Pink Diamond concierge, we're able to have a chat with you, discussing your Pink Diamond needs, sourcing something for you from the local or international market.

At the moment, we have some gorgeous Collector's Edition Diamond Packs available, featuring 4PP Pink Diamonds and Rare Blue Diamonds. The Collector's Edition packs present a secure opportunity to acquire a curated selection of these unique diamonds.

Pink Argyle Diamonds come in a range of tones, shades and hues. Naturally, this makes them a sought after choice for those looking to create a bespoke ring or a unique piece of jewellery. Nowhere else in the world will you find pink diamonds with such intensity and range of colour.

Amore Pink Diamond Ring

The Amore Pink Diamond Ring

If you would like something extra special created, our Award-winning Bespoke Designer Nazanin, can create a one of a kind piece for you, bringing your unique jewellery dreams to life.

You may have been considering purchasing a Pink Diamond to keep for future generations, or you have something extra special that you'd like Nazanin to create, our Pink Diamond Concierge is looking forward to hearing from you. Visit this link to contact the Pink Diamond Concierge.

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