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Stunning Diamond Cuts for the Antique Lover

We make no secret about our love of Antique jewellery here at Gerard McCabe. Antique and Vintage pieces have never lost their popularity. Gerard spends a lot of time sourcing rare and precious Antique pieces.

Here Gerard shares some of the beautiful cuts of diamonds we have on offer in our Antique range.

For those looking for a unique diamond, and want to steer clear from the modern options in the market, antique cut diamonds are an excellent, exclusive alternative. Early diamond cutting sought to ensure maximum carat weight, whereas modern techniques seek maximum sparkle. Priorities, tastes and technology have all changed, with the emphasis today being placed on radiance rather than size. It is these antique diamonds that have gained prominence with celebrities, as people start looking for more uncommon, rare diamond cuts.

Rose Cut Diamonds

Named after the flower, this vintage diamond cut has between three and twenty-four facets, with each type bringing a slight variation to the shape created. Dating back to the 16th century, and possibly as early as the 14th century, this particular shape was popular until the early 20th century, following the development of more modern diamond cutting techniques. New methods saw the production of more intricate shapes, and jewellers’ creations moved more towards diamonds that exhibited the most sparkle. Rose Cut Diamonds offer couples a unique, intriguing engagement diamond. They also provide a beautiful, unique central gem for earrings, bracelets or pendants.

Our Gerard McCabe’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings feature a pair of central, stunning rose cut teardrop diamonds.These diamonds are set in 18ct gold and are surrounded by an ornate open scrolled design.

Diamond Chandelier Earrings - Gerard McCabe

Diamond Chandelier Earrings - Sold

Early European Diamond Cuts

The Early European cut diamond method became popular through the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods. These diamonds were hand cut to maximise their colour and clarity; diamond cutters were forced to use inventive faceting techniques in hopes of bringing the best in each stone. Early European cut diamonds have either 57 or 58 facets, yet the shape and placement of each offer a unique and distinctive look.

Gerard McCabe’s Antique Diamond Half Hoop Ring features three Early European cut diamonds, set in 18-carat gold, circa 1890.


 Antique Diamond Half Hoop Ring

Old Cut Diamonds

When a diamond is referred to as an “Old Cut”, they generally refer to diamonds cut before the 1880’s - before the process of bruting was introduced. Many of these diamonds became a square shape, presenting a polished culet and far deeper than today’s modern cut. Since these diamonds were initially cut by hand, before bruting and motorised saws, they possess a more natural, raw, unprocessed look. 

Gerard McCabe’s Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring features seven old mine cut diamonds, set in yellow gold. Circa 1890-1900.


Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring 

Single, Double & Triple Cuts

Single cut diamonds traditionally are an octahedral shape, featuring 16 facets. They are often used as side stones, complementing the central accent diamond of the bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings.

Double cut diamonds, on the other hand, features 32 facets. And the triple cut, also referred to as the “Peruzzi” cut (or brilliant square cut) features 58 facets.

Gerard McCabe’s Antique Diamond Ring features five diamonds; all cut differently from one another. Two of the diamonds are single cut, two rose-cut and one triple cut.

Antique Diamond Ring  

So whether you’re after something unique, timeless or to express foreverness, you don’t have to settle for modern diamond cuts, explore the range that’s available and choose something that truly reflects your love.

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