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The 5 questions to ask about caring for your new jewellery


Buying a new piece of fine jewellery is an exciting occasion. Perhaps it is a piece you have lusted over for a while or a beautiful gift or diamond ring which you have just received. Understandably you can’t wait to wear your sparkling new addition.

For your fine jewellery to last a lifetime, it will require regular maintenance. Here are our top questions to ask your jeweller when you make a new purchase.

Is there anything I need to know about wearing this piece of jewellery?

Most fine jewellery should be removed when undertaking any manual tasks such as doing the dishes or gardening. Pearls in particular follow the rule of “last thing to put on; first thing to take off”. Some gemstones don’t respond well to heat and steam, so you want to keep them out of the shower. Your jeweller should be able to guide you on when not to wear your new jewellery item.

If you are intending on wearing a ring on the same finger as another ring, talk to your jeweller about how the two rings will wear together and if there could be any issues with them rubbing on each other.


How should I store my new jewellery item?

Storing your jewellery items individually in a soft lined jewellery box is always a safe bet to ensure they are well cared for. Ask your jeweller if there are specific guidelines to follow to protect your item.


Can I clean this jewellery at home?

Most diamond jewellery and some gemstone jewellery can be cleaned quite well at home with a soft toothbrush in some warm soapy water. Some designs and gemstones are best left to the professionals to be cleaned. In particular antique jewellery, pearls, emeralds and tanzanites should all be cleaned by your jeweller. Gerard McCabe stores offer complimentary in store cleaning while you wait, or more intense cleaning can be done though our workshop. Your jeweller can advise the best way to keep your items clean. If you find your jewellery has lost its desirable sparkle, it is probably due for a good clean.



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How often should I have a maintenance check on my jewellery?

This varies considerably depending on the type of jewellery (ie ring or earring, antique or modern) and the intricacy of the design. Your jeweller will be able to recommend a care plan unique to your item. At Gerard McCabe we offer a complimentary 12 month care plan for all our jewellery to help you establish these maintenance habits. Following that we recommend a quick in store check of your items when you bring them in for a complimentary clean. This way any issues with the wear of your jewellery can be detected and rectified early before they become major repair issues.


What else should I be aware of to maintain my piece?

It’s always good to ask your jeweller if there is anything else you need to know to maintain your specific jewellery items. For example, if your jewellery is white gold, you will want to rhodium plate it from time to time to bring back the bright silver colour to the metal.

When you purchase fine jewellery, you want to know all the tips to get a lifetime of enjoyment from your piece.


Gerard McCabe offers a range of jewellery maintenance services including jewellery cleaning and repairs, restoration and remodelling. Visit a Gerard McCabe boutique in Adelaide Arcade or Rundle Mall to find out what is possible with your jewellery.


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