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The 6 Most Popular Diamond Cuts

When you embark on the search for the perfect diamond, you might be surprised by the number of different cuts to consider. Some people prefer one diamond cut over the other depending on personal style. It’s the many options that make it difficult to decide when purchasing an engagement ring, anniversary present or a ‘just because’ gift.

Gerard McCabe offers clients a wide range of different diamond shapes, styles and cuts with an option for any personality; whether you’re after something flamboyant and glitzy, or classic and elegant, Gerard McCabe has something for you.

Explore the possibilities and see which one is perfect for you.

Round Cut Diamonds

Round Cut diamonds are the most popular and represent a significant proportion of diamonds sold worldwide. The mechanics of its shape reflect a superior quality and more significant reflection of light, meaning there is far greater potential for brightness. This diamond cut is of more exceptional brilliance and fire. Round Cut diamonds are ‘brilliantly cut’, meaning they have 58 facets.

Due to the complexity of their craftsmanship, Round Cut diamonds cost more as a greater amount of the rough stone is lost in their creation.

The sparkling round diamond of Gerard McCabe’s Classic Slimline 4 Claw Round Diamond Ring is the statement of this design. The diamond is the central focus of the ring. As discussed earlier, this ring features a round, brilliant cut diamond, and offers the wearer the sparkle and simplicity they might be after.

Classic Slimline 4 Claw Round Diamond Ring - Gerard McCabe


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Princess Cut Diamonds

First crafted in 1979 by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz, the Princess Cut is one of the most popular and prominent styles for engagement rings. This particular style, like Round Cuts, are a good choice for their flexibility in working with many different styles of ring.

Princess cut diamonds generally have a lower price-per-carat in comparison to round cut diamonds. The shape of this style allows two equally sized princess cut diamonds to be cut from the same diamond crystal rough, leaving little-to-no-waste.

Explore the options at Gerard McCabe, and see what princess cut diamonds will suit your loved one the most.

The Classic Princess Cut Diamond Ring by Gerard McCabe offers your love a ring that is entirely created to ensure balance, proportion and craftsmanship. The classic and simple design allows the beautiful diamond to sparkle and is the real feature.

Classic Princess Cut diamond Ring - Gerard McCabe

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Oval Diamonds

Having been developed in the 1960’s, oval diamonds are a modified brilliant cut, making them the perfect in-between for someone who’s after a round diamond, but looking for something a little more unique.

Oval diamonds have the illusion of greater size, due to their elongated shape. And the slender shape can also make the wearer’s finger appear longer and slimmer - an often desired effect. Generally speaking, the length to width ratio of 1:35 or 1:50 is considered the traditional classic oval cut shape.

Many of the oval cut diamonds at Gerard McCabe are surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds; maximising the sparkle. See for example the Embrace Oval Engagement Ring, which features a unique combination of oval, round and marquise cut diamonds. A twisting vine is repeated on both sides of the ring, leading to the collections of the five gemstones. This ring is the perfect choice for a woman who wants to embrace this highly desirable shape.

Embrace Oval Engagement Ring - Gerard McCabe

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Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear Shaped diamonds are the perfect combination of a round and a marquise shape, due to its tapered point at one end. Traditionally the diamond is worn with the narrow end pointing toward the hand of the wearer. Coming in a variety of sizes, skinnier or wider, it possesses the same benefits as the oval and can make the wearer’s fingers appear longer and slimmer.

Ideally, the Pear Shaped diamond should have excellent symmetry; it is crucial that the point lines up with the top of the rounded end. Although there are certain length to width ratios, personal preference will dictate the choice. Would you prefer more of a shorter shape, or longer, narrower? A crucial question when purchasing a Pear Shaped diamond.

The Aura Pear Cut Diamond Ring and its traditional halo design make the Pear Shape a central focus. And the surrounding brilliantly cut diamonds ultimately maximise the sparkle of the ring.


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Emerald Cut Diamonds

One of the unique styles available, the emerald cut produce a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect and cause a distinct interplay of light. Instead of a fiery effect, an emerald cut offers dramatic flashes of light. Having been developed to cut emeralds (as the name suggests), this diamond cut and its eccentric light display offers an elegant appeal; unique to this cut.

Gerard McCabe’s breathtaking collection of emerald-cut rings feature an array of combinations. Take for example the Classic Tria Emerald Cut Diamond Ring, featuring a trio of matching emerald cut diamonds. An incredible display of craftsmanship showcasing the beauty and quality of the emerald cut diamond ring in the centre.
Classic Tria Emerald Cut Diamond Ring - Gerard McCabe


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Cushion Cut Diamonds

The Cushion Cut Diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners. The Cushion Cut was created over 200 years ago, it was up until the early 20th century that this cut was considered the default diamond shape.

Compared to modern cuts, the Cushion Cut returns light in a chunkier pattern, producing a popular, antique-looking diamond. As with other unique diamond cuts, taste and personal preference will dictate the choice.

The Cushion Cut is extraordinary in its craftsmanship and display of light, making it even more breathtaking when complemented with surrounding diamonds. This distinctive Gerard McCabe design maximises sparkle, making it perfect for someone who wants the best of the best.

See for example the Aura Cushion Cut Diamond Ring. Radiating beauty from within, the gorgeous diamond band completes the shimmering look. 

Aura Cushion Cut Diamond Ring


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Choosing a diamond cut one of the essential steps in deciding what engagement ring to purchase. It’s an exciting opportunity to showcase your love. Depending on what features you wish to display, diamond shape is an important characteristic to consider.

If you still have questions about Diamonds, our helpful guide "24 Most Asked Questions About Diamonds" is worth downloading. 

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At Gerard McCabe, our team are always eager to help you in the decision-making process. Book your engagement ring consultation and start exploring the options. 

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