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The Best Diamond Styles for Your Finger Type

You’ve “ooh-ed” and “aaah-ed” over your newly-engaged friend’s hands. You’ve side-eyed the hands of perfect strangers. You have a secret (or not-so-secret) Pinterest board. You may even have stopped in at a jewellery store.

Just like finding the perfect wedding dress, picking out your perfect engagement ring requires a lot of research and some hands-on (excuse the pun) experience. Just like you wouldn’t buy your wedding dress without trying it on, it’s important to know the style, cut, and size you’d like for your future ring.

At Gerard McCabe, we are Adelaide diamond specialists and have helped thousands brides-to-be and future fiances find their perfect diamond engagement ring.

We’re specialists in helping people find the ring that will both symbolise your commitment and suit your taste.

How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

As you begin your ring shopping journey, you may want to consider some time-honoured advice. That why our expert jewellers have compiled the following tips to selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring for your hand shape.

If you have long, slender fingers, consider a diamond ring that...

Books and poetry have long admired long and slender hands, calling them “elegant” and “pianist’s hands.” People with long, slender fingers have many options when it comes to selecting an engagement ring that will suit your hand and your style.

If you have beautifully long fingers, the world can be your oyster when it comes to diamond cuts.

Long fingers have the length to really set off the long diamond cuts, like a emerald or oval cut.

The extra length of your fingers allows these gorgeous and uncommon diamond cuts to breathe and shine without overwhelming your hand.

If you prefer a more traditional cut, you may want to consider princess-cut and round diamonds. These styles can be incredibly elegant, letting the stunning, natural beauty of the diamond do the talking.

Try on multiple sizes and arrangements of stones. People with slender fingers may find that solitaires are more flattering. That’s because large clusters or three-stone rings may be too visually “wide” and overwhelm your finger.

With your long fingers, you also have the option to play around with band widths and styles. The modern, thin bands will look beautiful, but you may also want to consider a bolder, wide band. Your long fingers give you the visual length to pull of some truly stunning options like our Embrace Diamond Ring.

Embrace Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


Bear in mind that if your fingers are particularly thin, opting for a smaller stone might be in your best interest. A larger carat weight might overwhelm your hands, whereas a smaller size will help your finger to appear wider.

With long fingers, you can also play around with the width of the band. If a slim band is what you prefer then go for it. However, you do have the option of going bolder with a bigger band. A wider band draws attention to the stone itself as well as your fingers, so onlookers can be jealous not only of your gorgeous ring but your equally fabulous fingers as well.

If you think your fingers are short, these diamond shapes might appeal...

If you think your fingers are too short to pull off a particular ring style, think again!

You’d be surprised at how many people come into our Rundle Mall and Adelaide Arcade locations worried that their “short” fingers will affect their options. First, let us say that you should choose a ring based on how it makes you feel, not on what you fear other people will think!

However, if you’d like to pick a ring and diamond cut that will help visually elongate your hands, we do have some recommendations.

If you’d like your ring to make your fingers appear longer, opt for something like a three stone ring or wide-set clusters.

It’s a matter of proportions. Your shorter fingers have the visual weight to carry off these gorgeous and elaborate styles, like the Trinity Rose three diamond ring, whereas a thinner band may look too small. 

Gerard McCabe Trinity Rose Diamond Ring - Rose Gold


If you have wide fingers, choose a diamond ring that...

Your wide fingers mean that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a ring that flatters.

For wider fingers, we typically recommend a wider band. These bands, unlike their thinner cousins, have the strength and room to support a wide variety of designs.

That means that people with wider fingers have options for stone size, arrangement, and style that are virtually unlimited!

To balance your wider finger, pick a medium-to-thick band with a stone formation that spans from edge-to-edge. Clusters, halos, three and five stone arrangements will look fantastic.

Halo options are particularly popular with brides-to-be with wider fingers. Loaded with a dozen or more carefully faceted diamonds, cluster or halo styles are a gorgeous option.

Don’t be afraid to explore antique rings, many of which offer especially flattering options for wider fingers. The Gerard McCabe Aura Design is a fabulous option:

Aura Box- Diamond Shape


If you have petite or small hands, you’ll want to try on these diamond rings...

Petite people have more options than ever before. Unlike the petite brides shopping in the 80's, jewellery styles right now favour the classic, delicate bands that most flatter your fine hands.

Just as petite-cut clothing has proportions that flatter women with petite frames, there are diamond cuts and ring styles that best suit your fine hands.

To avoid visually overwhelming your hand, choose a narrow, single stranded band. While simple, minimalist styles are both trendy and flattering, you might also want to consider a band entirely encrusted with diamonds. These bands add shimmer and fire without the weight of a large cluster.

When you select a stone, choose one that will both balance and bring attention to your hands. Brilliants, with their geometrically-perfect cuts, are a superb choice for petite people. With their round shape and unsurpassed light reflection, brilliant cuts add drama and glitter without the visual weight of a halo or cluster arrangement.

Cushion cut diamonds are also an excellent choice. These gems are cut in a similar fashion to the brilliant cut diamonds and display an envious sparkle. Try a Cushion cut gem in our Celeste Engagment Ring Design.


If you keep these guidelines in mind while shopping, you’ll find that it’s easier to narrow down the styles that truly appeal to you. Keep in mind that as you begin trying on rings, you may find that your perception of your hand shape actually varies from reality! While many people don’t realise that they have petite hands, or think of their fingers as being wider than they are, a specialist like those at Gerard McCabe can help.

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Our experts can help narrow down your choices by considering not just factors like hand shape and budget, but personal style and lifestyle factors, too. If you’d like some help in identifying the ring style and diamond cut that makes your heart sing, come and enjoy a free Engagement Ring Consultation with our team at Gerard McCabe. We can help you to find a diamond ring that you adore – no magic wand necessary.

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