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The Classic Engagement Ring

Sometimes less is more. When it comes to your forever ring, Gerard McCabe has created the perfect diamond composition. Our Classic Engagement collection features a selection that are ideal for your special someone. The best part about this design is its versatility. Not only are you giving a partner a ring that is truly breathtaking, you're giving them the opportunity to add their own personality to it.

The key feature of this engagement ring is the sparkling diamond that sits at the centre. The best part is you can choose which style of diamond you go for: either round, pear, oval, princess or cushion cut. It’s an enduring style that will never go out of fashion and is the perfect engagement design if you can’t decide. With a range of different carat weights available, this design is an option no matter the budget.

Gerard McCabe Classic Bridal Ring Set Web

Careful consideration has been given to the balance, proportion and craftsmanship of the Classic design. The Classic design is robust and resilient ring. Timeless - something you can pass on to future generations.

Besides an enduring style, as part of the Classic collection by Gerard McCabe, you can mix and match your wedding and anniversary rings with a variety of other ring collections. The Classic Engagement ring fits with linea rings from the Classic or Elegance bridal ring collections - leaving your partner with the choice to personalise the composition of her bridal set.

Whether she wants to add more diamonds and make the bridal set sparkle and glisten, or if she’s after something a little more straightforward, a gold band is what she’s after - the choice is all hers!


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With the simple design of the engagement ring, you can add a wedding band featuring an array of diamonds, like our Diamond Linea Ring. These rings are understated, with their design making them the perfect addition to your bridal ring set. Versatile in their purpose, they are crafted with the thought of an eternity or anniversary ring in mind.

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If you are looking for a ring that is simple, elegant and beautiful the Gerard McCabe Classic collection is for you.

Book an appointment with Gerard McCabe jewellers, the Adelaide engagement ring specialists, to help you with your selection.

Our team are happy to talk you through any questions and help you make the right choice.

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Gerard McCabe Jewellers are the specialists in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings in Adelaide.

We create beautiful ladies wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, classic engagement rings and dress ring designs.

We can create bespoke tailored rings to fit your specifications. So pop into one of our jewellery stores in Adelaide for your dream ring consultation.