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The Most Popular Diamond Engagement Rings of 2019

Each year different styles and trends will affect peoples choices - whether it is fashion, paint colour for your home or how you style your hair. Engagement rings are no different - and there is often so much more to consider.

You will need to think about aspects like the Four C’s to ensure you are purchasing a quality diamond. However, it’s the ring design choice that will instantly take her breath away. Our team from Adelaide Arcade and Rundle Mall Plaza jewellery stores share the most popular engagement ring designs to emerge this year.

Finding a breathtaking diamond that represents your love is easy with these popular choices.

Aura Engagement Ring

This designer engagement ring is perfect for your proposal and is available in a range of fancy cut diamonds. From Pear, Oval, Round and Emerald shape diamonds, you can choose from our wide range of breathtaking options. Sitting low to the finger for easy, everyday wear, this halo ring style radiates great style.

The Aura gives a powerful statement to the wearer

Jackie, Rundle Mall Boutique

Aura Classic Emerald Cut

Aura Classic Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Venice Engagement Ring

The Venice Engagement Ring is a popular choice for those who are after a ring with a softer effect. The diamond encrusted, intricate ring design, speaks of true love from every angle. This design has a softer effect and is a stunning interpretation of the traditional solitaire ring design.


Venice Engagement Ring 

Celeste Classic Engagement Ring

Gerard McCabe’s Celeste Classic Engagement Ring is a modern ring design that features a central fancy cut diamond. A favourite feature of the Celeste is the setting that holds the diamond in direct contact with the ring finger. So very romantic.

It’s an original design, unique to Gerard McCabe. Perfectly proportioned, it’s the whole package, simple, elegant, timeless and beautiful from every angle.

Belinda, Adelaide Arcade Jewellery Boutique


Celeste Engagement Ring

Aria Engagement Ring

Fall in love with this designer engagement ring as we have. This central diamond truly glistens and is further enhanced by the diamonds that run along the band. It’s a twist on the classic solitaire ring and a popular choice for many women.

A solitaire which just does that little bit more, a breathtaking Diamond Engagement Ring

Michael, Rundle Mall Plaza Jewellery Boutique

Aria Diamond Ring  

Aria Engagement Rings

Embrace Engagement Ring

Discover Gerard McCabe’s romantic engagement ring: the Embrace. Featuring both round brilliant cut and marquise diamonds, the twisting vine effect is repeated on both sides of the ring. A beautiful ring inspired by Celtic knots and twisting vines.

This ring is a dazzling, elegant modern twist on tradition that embraces today’s modern women. It allows you to “stand out from the crowd through sophisticated beauty and design

Tina, Adelaide Arcade  Jewellery Boutique

Embrace Engagement Ring

Embrace Engagement Ring

Becoming engaged is a special time in your life, and the ring you choose should reflect the love you share.

Our Adelaide diamond boutiques can help you find the perfect diamond. Our engagement specialists understand that every couple is different, and will help you find what you are after.


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Gerard McCabe Jewellers are the specialists in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings in Adelaide.

We create beautiful ladies wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, classic engagement rings and dress ring designs.

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