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After Dark Jewellery

As the chilly autumnal evenings lead on to the dark depths of winter, something in our psyche changes. We crave richer foods, warmer surrounds, more intense smells or perfumes.

A sense of dark longing pervades, even in our gorgeous Australian seasons. A heaviness and dampness of spirit seem to prevail. It’s a primaeval hearkening back to the days when winter was dangerous to human survival. It is a time for storytelling, hunkering down and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones. Think nights’ at the opera, theatre or ballet. A fabulous kind of Tolstoy era Russian decadence, if you will. This translates as darker clothes and sturdy coats, with thick and luxurious textures. Layers and scarves wrapped up against the biting wind and rain.

So far, so sartorial. Yet does this translate through to our jewellery habits? People are largely creatures of habit, particularly with their jewellery. However, back in the days of the Russian revolution, ladies and aristocracy had vastly different wardrobes and accoutrements for the seasons. It was seen as incredibly fashionable and as a mark of high wealth and sophistication. So why not make like the Russians and take back the night with some of our exquisite pieces from Gerard McCabe, Adelaide’s premier diamond and dress ring specialists?

Dark_design.jpgNew Ring Design coming soon, Purple Sapphire, Diamond and Black Diamond

We have put together some of our finest after dark jewels for your perusal. The more dazzling pieces are able to light up and enthral the senses, even as the cold does its best to dampen them. Think big, beautiful shining jewels, sparkling with a fire deeply lit from within.



Noir Dress Ring $6,495.00

This incredible Noir Ring is from our fabulously decadent Noir collection. Noir onyx and diamond dress ring. Inspired by the striking geometric designs of the Art Deco period. Featuring gently domed pieces of onyx and sparkling white diamonds this is a dark tempatation that no one can resist. Crafted in 18ct white gold, this piece reflects the style and glamour of that magical era. 

Where you may feel clunky and outlandish wearing these big pieces during the day or even in the summer, when darkness falls this is their time to shine. There is just something so mysterious and magical about a winter evening. Why not make it more so by socialising with your fabulous jewels stealing the show.

Fantasy_diamondring.jpegFantasy Diamonds Ring $13,995.00

Gorgeously hued yellow diamonds combined to create an enchanting design. As many diamonds as stars in the sky, this piece is sure to have all eyes on you. This unique design is crafted in 18ct yellow gold and luxurious platinum.




Kilimanjaro Pendant $6,745.00 

This stunning Tazanite pendant is absolutely dazzling. 1000 times rarer than diamonds, Tanaznite is only found in one remote location, the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This gemstone is a favourite of ours at Gerard McCabe, and we pride ourselves on having the best collection of tanzanite jewellery in Australia





artdeco.jpegArt Deco Ring $29,990.00

At Gerard McCabe jewellers we love out antique jewellery. 

Gerard is passionate about his period jewellery and personally hand picks each piece. The story and history behind each piece is fascinating and it is a great part of the selection process. We believe our unique jewellery is some of the finest vintage jewellery in Adelaide. This Art Deco stunner is no exception.

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A diamond ring crafted in platinum with domed top features fine mille graining throughout the bezel and bead settings. The central diamond is an old mine cut gem and its interesting octahedral shape is made a great feature of this piece. 
Imagine a smoky Weimar Era gin den, plinky piano notes fizzing into the frosty night sky. That's the imagery this wonderful ring evokes. This is the piece for the individual who likes to stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

This is the time to bring out the big guns and the darker pieces can look gorgeous with the night sky twinkling darkly as their backdrop. So don’t hide away this winter- you shall go to the ball. With these stunning pieces, all eyes will be on you as the temperature drops and the orchestra kicks in.

Learn more about the Gerard McCabe Antique Jewellery Warranty here. 


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