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ABIA Wedding Australia 2020 award winner for the Best Wedding & Engagement Rings in South Australia

We are extremely excited to announce that we have won ABIA Wedding Australia’s 2020 award for the Best Wedding & Engagement Rings category in South Australia, as voted by our clients! 2,300 South Australian Wedding Couples were invited to rate & review their Wedding Vendors through ABIA.

We know that it has been a challenging year for our couples with many weddings postponed or going ahead with a smaller group of family and friends than what they would have liked. We'd like to thank our clients for taking the time to vote for us, at Gerard McCabe Jewellers, it is our greatest privilege to share our knowledge and participate in these moments with you. For us, it's all about you, we offer an unforgettable experience.

What is ABIA you ask?

Since its beginning in 1996, the Australian Bridal Industry Academy’s goal has been to advocate Trustworthy Wedding Vendors, safeguarding the Wedding Customer. Growing over the past 25 years, ABIA is known as the ‘Tripadvisor’ of Weddings. Brides and grooms to be, utilise the ABIA website to browse through hundreds of thousands of Customer Recommendations, Reviews and ABIA Industry Awards to compare & book Vendors. Providing them with an online wedding planner, helping them to create their dream wedding.



Aura Diamond rings are a popular engagement ring choice

At Gerard McCabe Jewellers we have an exquisite range of modern and timeless diamond wedding and engagement rings. Designed by our Adelaide jewellery team, our unique rings are crafted to the highest quality, intended to last you a lifetime and beyond. As Adelaide’s best wedding jeweller we have an array of ladies wedding rings along with men's wedding rings.

Celeste Diamond engagement rings have been specially designed for fancy cut diamonds

Celeste Diamond engagement rings have been specially designed for fancy cut diamonds 

Not only do we offer beautifully crafted jewellery for our customers we also have a number of other wedding services that will help to make your special day even more perfect.

Jewellery Repair & Restoration

Does your bridal attire feature something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? You may be wearing a precious family heirloom or 'something borrowed' that needs some attention to look its best for your big day. We offer full restoration services that will breathe new life into your fine jewellery.

 Diamond Linea rings make the perfect wedding, anniversary or eternity ring to any classic Engagement ring

   Diamond Linea rings make the perfect wedding, anniversary or eternity ring to any classic Engagement ring

Bespoke Wedding Ring Design Service

Your love is unparalleled, you may want to commemorate your marriage with a set of wedding rings that are as unique as your love, or design a special piece of jewellery to gift to your partner. Gerard McCabe offers a Jewellery Bespoke Design Service. You can make an appointment with our Design Director Nazanin, to discuss your ideas, the possibilities are endless.

ABIA Weddings Australia

Professional Jewellery Cleaning Service

It's important that your bridal party's jewellery looks impeccable and sparkles. Book an individual or group jewellery cleaning service with Gerard McCabe and task your Maid-of-honour with dropping off your jewellery for us to expertly handle. Depending on the number of pieces that need cleaning, your jewellery will be ready on the same day or within a couple of days.

We are so grateful to have been able to take part in our amazing couples wedding journeys, if you're considering adding a new addition to your collection to mark a special wedding anniversary or the birth of your first child, explore our Linea Eternity Ring collection.


Download our "How to Clean Your Jewellery" eBook

Gerard McCabe Jewellers are the specialists in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings in Adelaide.

We create beautiful ladies wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, classic engagement rings and dress ring designs.

We can create bespoke tailored rings to fit your specifications. So pop into one of our jewellery stores in Adelaide for your dream ring consultation.