The Story Behind the Echunga Collection
Diamonds, Echunga, Design Inspiration
Mysterious diamonds and the leafy Adelaide Hills… this is the basis of inspiration for our most mystical collection yet. ...
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Inspiration from our Surrounds: The Eagle Ring
Design Inspiration, Pink Diamonds
The Eagle - A large and powerful bird. Strong and masterful. These are some of the characteristics that Nazanin was ...
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Who Designs Gerard McCabe Rings
Design Inspiration
At Gerard McCabe, most of our exquisite collections of Australian rings and jewellery are designed by Gerard and Justin ...
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Introducing Freya Gerard McCabe's Newest Engagement Ring
Diamonds, Design Inspiration, Engagement Rings
We are proud and excited to introduce you to 2022’s newest Gerard McCabe engagement ring design, derived from the name ...
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Jewellery Predictions for 2022
Women's Jewellery, Design Inspiration, Advice & Information
You may be pondering what to add to your jewellery collection for 2022, here are some of 2022's hottest jewellery ...
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Engagement Ring Trends for 2022
Diamonds, Design Inspiration, Engagement Rings, Advice & Information
The choice of an engagement ring can be just as important, if not more important than the bridal gown itself. As the ...
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