Pink Kimberley: The Premium Pink Diamond Collection
Pink Diamonds, News & Announcements
Marilyn Monroe once famously sang, “Diamonds are a girl's best friend”. But here at Gerard McCabe, we believe it's pink ...
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Kimberley Heart: The Rare Pink Diamond in South Australia
Precious Gems, Adelaide, Pink Diamonds
We have one very special pink diamond currently housed at our Adelaide Arcade boutique. A natural wonder in its own right, ...
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Pink Diamond Collector Packs
Design Inspiration, Pink Diamonds, Jewellery Services
For a truly unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, a pink diamond design is the ultimate statement of luxury. Whether ...
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Gerard McCabe's Pink Diamond Party
Events, Pink Diamonds
On Thursday the 2nd of February, our team brought together one of our most anticipated events yet!
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Inspiration from our Surrounds: The Eagle Ring
Design Inspiration, Pink Diamonds
The Eagle - A large and powerful bird. Strong and masterful. These are some of the characteristics that Nazanin was ...
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Pink Diamond Update October 2021
Design Inspiration, Pink Diamonds, News & Announcements
It has been a phenomenal year for pink diamonds! Since the closure of the Argyle mine last November, we have seen demand ...
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