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Pink Argyle Diamonds, Marvel in The Sparkle

Diamonds are special, but Pink Argyle diamonds are beyond rare.

Where do Argyle pink Diamonds come from you ask?

Uniquely Australian and highly coveted, these pink diamonds are found in The Argyle Diamond Mine. Located in a remote corner of the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia, it lies 3,040 km from Perth. The Argyle Mine reaches a depth of 0.5 kilometres underground and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


What makes these pink stones so special?

Pink Argyle Diamonds come in a range of tones, shades and hues. Naturally, this makes them a sought after choice for those looking to create a bespoke engagement ring or a unique piece of jewellery. Nowhere else in the world will you find pink diamonds with such intensity and range of colour.

Loose Pink Diamond

The rarity explained - 

Argyle pink diamonds are among the most sought after diamonds in the world, coveted for their rarity and revered for their exquisite beauty. To put it in perspective, a years' collection of polished Argyle pink diamonds weighing over one carat would fit into the palm of your hand.

To accumulate enough Argyle pink diamonds to fill a champagne flute, it would take approximately fifteen years. For every one million carats of rough diamonds mined, only one carat of pink Argyle diamonds will be found suitable for sale.

Yet another rarity

 Argyle Pink diamonds are cut in Australia. The process occurs at Argyle Pink Diamonds’ state-of-the-art Perth cutting and polishing facility. It is here that diamond artisans with over 100 years of combined experience handcraft the finest of Argyle’s pink diamond production above 0.20 carats.

You're invited! 

Gerard McCabe invites you to to purchase a stunning piece of Argyle history. With the Kimberly mine approaching closure there is no better time to own your own Argyle pink diamond. Almost as rare as they are beautiful, now is your chance to marvel in the exquisitely stunning Argyle Pink Diamond collection at our exclusive event. Diamonds may be purchased to keep as a priceless collectors item, or talk to our Design Director Nazanin who can create a stunning bespoke piece for you. Experience the stunning beauty of Pink Argyle diamonds and own a truly collectible piece of history with our spectacular collection.

Pink Diamonds to Buy in Adelaide

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 At our exclusive event you will have the opportunity to privately view and select from approximately 50 lots of top-quality Certified Argyle Pink Diamonds, including Argyle Tender diamonds, along with a selection of fancy coloured diamonds. You have the option to purchase diamonds only or work with our Design Director to create your bespoke jewellery piece using your purchased gemstone.


Pink Diamonds in Adelaide

What can I do with my pink Argyle diamonds? 


Design your own, one-of-a-kind jewellery piece with Gerard McCabe’s Award-Winning Design Director, Nazanin. Starting with an initial free consultation, she will work with you to explore your jewellery design ideas. Once you engage us to create your perfect jewellery piece, your ideas will be immortalised on paper, hand-drawn to perfection and with the utmost detail.


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