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6 Gift Ideas For a Sparkling Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, there’s no better time to start looking for a unique gift. Whether you’re after something for yourself or a loved one, Gerard McCabe has a variety of breathtaking options.

Diamonds, as they say, are forever. As such, they make a tresured gift. Here are 6 of our favourite diamond gifts to present this Christmas... 

Bloom Diamond StudsBloom Diamond Earrings

Surprise and delight with an impressive pair of Bloom earrings.  We love these earrings because the arrangement of the diamonds gives the look from afar of one larger diamond. They have a powerful sparkle. The heart shape gold accents add a touch of romance to this gift and are a lovely way to say "I love you" to someone special on Christmas morning.



Classic Diamond CircleClassic Circle Pendant

The Classic diamond circle is a popular gift choice for Christmas. The circle has a lovely symbolism. Often associated with everlasting love, new life and the journey of life. A perfect gift if you are celebrating a relationship milestone or have a new baby in the family.

Classic Linea RingClassic Linea Ring

Why not combine your Christmas gift with an anniversary gift? This is a beautiful idea if you have a milestone anniversary in the months following Christmas. You'll get bonus points for planning ahead for your anniversary. A Gerard McCabe diamond Linea ring makes the perfect anniversary gift. With a wide variety of styles available, you can select a matching ring to be worn as an eternity band next to an existing engagement ring, or select a bolder style designed to be worn as a standalone ring.


cadence_watchCadence Timepiece

Gift a gem set Timepiece like our Cadence watch this Christmas. With sparkling crystals, this is a glamorous accessory that they will enjoy daily.

Star BraceletDiamond Star Bracelet

Take inspiration for your gift from one of the most well known Christmas symbols and gift a beautiful diamond star pendant. This bracelet will forever be fondly associated with the magical Christmas memories that you build together over the years. 

Leaf Ring Fleur de Lis Leaf Ring

The Gerard McCabe Fleur de Lis Leaf and Rose jewellery is always a popular gift choice. These unique designs are superbly crafted and make a perfect gift for lovers of floral jewellery. Discover the Fleur de Lis Collection.

Our team of diamond consultants in our Rundle Mall and Adelaide Arcade boutiques are highly experienced at helping you find the perfect gift. Whether we are working to match your gift to an existing jewellery collection or finding a gift to suit your partner's unique style, our team will help you discover the perfect jewellery gift for your needs. 



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