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A Proposal Amongst the Flowers...

There's nothing more special than a romantic getaway and a surprise proposal... which is exactly what Ben organised for his now fiancé, Rebecca. Ben chose the stunning Venice Round Diamond Ring from Gerard McCabe to give to his future wife. Ben has shared a snippet of his proposal story with us below.



Ben chose the Venice Round Diamond Ring for Rebecca.


"After picking the ring up on Friday in Adelaide, I travelled with Rebecca to Sydney for a weekend away. We had a beautiful day on Saturday, the weather was just right. We stayed at the Grace Hotel in Sydney CBD and started the day off with breakfast together. We got an early morning shop in at the Pitt Street shopping district before heading over to the bridge to do a climb. Rebecca thought to herself that if there was any time that I might propose, it would be on the bridge. I had thought about the idea but ruled it out as too cliche.

After such a nice time on the bridge we wandered through the street markets before walking past the Opera House and into the Botanic Gardens. The night before Rebecca had read about the Sydney Botanic Gardens, and mentioned that it would be nice to check them out on Saturday. Once we'd reached the gardens, the sun was just starting to make long shadows as it set behind the horizon. Rebecca was the first to notice a picnic rug set out in a partially secluded area. Me being a bit of a cheeky guy, suggested that we have a look. Rebecca refused initially and said that the special spot was for someone else, to which I replied, "what if it is for you?" Rebecca's face looked instantly shocked as I lead her towards the rug. My brother had set up the rug with candles, roses, a picnic basket, red cushions and a bottle of Moët with two champagne glasses prior to us arriving. Once we got close I went down onto one knee. Without any stuffing around or dropping the ring (I had worried about this happening), I took Rebecca's hand and asked her to marry me... She said yes!


Ben Langberg Proposal 2 (Rebecca).jpg

Ben proposes to Rebecca at Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney.


I had mentioned to Rebecca's grandfather how great the experience was at Gerard McCabe's. He was delighted that the ring was chosen from there, as it is the fifth generation of engagement rings to come from Gerard McCabe. This just made it so much more special to Rebecca."

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