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Celebrating Love: Qixi Double Seventh Festival

At Gerard McCabe, we love celebrating love. What better way to lift our wintry spirits than to celebrate the Qixi Festival, a day dedicated to love and good fortune in China. 

Translated to mean “Evening of Sevens” Qixi Festival is often referred to as the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day. The day celebrates a romantic legend of two lovers which dates back to classical poetry published over 2600 years ago. The famous myth tells the story of the celestial fairy Zhinü and the cowherd Niulang who fell in love and married but were forbidden from seeing each other by Zhinü’s father the Emperor of Heaven. Nuilang was heartbroken, and a Magpie was moved by his love, so he built a bridge in the heavens to allow him to meet Zhinü. On seeing the bridge of magpies, the Emperor realised the great love between the two and granted permission for them to meet.

qixi Chinese Valentines Day 2021

Each year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the fairy and the cowherd are permitted to meet on a bridge connecting the sky and the land. It is on this day that lovers celebrate and pray to the sky for blessings in love and marriage. In modern times couples exchange gifts of chocolates, red roses and jewellery. Legends say that if it rains on the Evening of Sevens, these are the tears of the separated couple. 

Though miles apart, sharing the beauty of the graceful moonlight, we wish long-lasting love.


Discover three of Gerard McCabe's most romantic diamond and ruby jewellery pieces for your QiXi celebration...


Bloom Diamond ring with Heart Shape Accents

Bloom Diamond Ring with Heart Shape Accents

The Bloom collection features delicate heart shape accents,  a subtly romantic expression of your love. These diamond rings, earrings and pendants are available in rose, yellow or white gold. 


Ruby Cluster Earrings in Adelaide

Ruby and Diamond Flower Earrings

Red is the colour of romance! These exquisite cluster style earrings feature rubies and diamonds. 


Grid-Collection-Fleur de lis

Fleur de Lis Heart Shape Rose Pendant

Embrace the pure joy of nature with the Gerard McCabe Fleur de Lis collection. Delicately feminine diamond jewellery adorned with floral elements like this heart shape rose pendant. 

Suprise and delight with a gift of pure romance. Join us this weekend - 14th - 15th August 2021 - as we celebrate all things love in honour of the Qixi Festival - Chinese Valentine’s Day. Pay a visit to either our Adelaide Arcade or Rundle Mall Boutiques for a complimentary champagne consultation, and receive a small traditional gift wishing you blessings of happiness, love and luck.


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