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Dazzling Emeralds - The perfect pop of colour

Fall in love with the beautiful green of Gerard McCabe’s emerald jewellery. May is the month of the Emerald gemstone and there’s never been a better time to explore some of the breathtaking jewellery.

An enchanting gemstone in itself, the deep green has long been a popular choice for women. With a range of hues available in natural gemstones, there’s nothing more breathtaking than a deep emerald green, beautifully complemented by quality diamonds and metal.

Discover some of Gerard McCabe’s iconic Emerald creations, as the team celebrate the unique colours of Mother Nature…

Take a step back in time


Emerald & Diamond Deco Ring 

The Art Deco period saw jewellery take a turn for the bold and interesting. Contrasting colours and strong definite geometric lines were created with precious gemstones and diamonds. The vivid colour of the period has been captured in Gerard McCabe’s Emerald and Diamond Deco Ring.

Incorporating a collection of glistening diamonds and emeralds, the gemstones are used to create a floral-like centrepiece. The deep, enchanting green of the emeralds only add to the allure of this 1930s inspired piece.

Take inspiration from your surrounds


Emerald Lyre Ring

Inspired by the Lyre or Harp, our Design Director Nazanin, created our iconic Emerald Lyre Ring. Featuring an impressive 3.14ct Emerald at the centre, the gemstone is beautifully accented by the yellow gold, ornate and fleur de lis claw work. Two marquise diamonds sit either side and complement the deep green hue of the emerald. A unique emerald ring, this is one-of-a-kind, and features impressive detailing, down to the curved kick under the unswept shoulders of the band.

A modern creation

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Aura Emerald and Diamond Ring

Gerard McCabe’s Aura Collection includes a variety of breathtaking creations, each with a collection of natural gemstones and colour ways. Like the Aura Emerald & Diamond Ring, incorporating three deep green emeralds, surrounded by halos of glistening diamonds. Crafted in which gold, this modern coloured ring is the perfect dress ring, or could also be considered an engagement ring.

Whether you’re looking for a unique emerald ring, or after something that tells a story, discover the wide variety of breathtaking coloured gemstone jewellery at Gerard McCabe.

View our other emerald pieces in our online store....

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