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Engagement Ring Design Focus: Elegance

Gerard McCabe’s breathtaking Elegance Engagement Ring is a traditional style, crafted to stand the test of timeIf you’re looking for a diamond that speaks volumes, yet remains timeless, then the Elegance Engagement Ring might be just for your special someone.

Elegance Princess Cut Diamond Ring


Elegance Princess Cut Diamond Ring


Crafted to stand the test of time, this diamond ring is sophisticated and refined. As the diamonds disappear down the side of the finger, you’ll find this is the perfect ring choice for a woman with long fingers.

The central diamond is truly spectacular, and sits above the collection of glistening gemstones along the band. Featuring a central princess or round diamond, the classic nature of this design, allows for a delicate and feminine aesthetic. 

GMAC - Elegance Engagement Ring - Yellow Gold

Elegance Engagement Ring - Round, Yellow Gold


Having been working for Gerard McCabe Jewellers for over a decade, Jackie has helped hundreds of couples find their perfect bridal set. And there’s nothing more romantic than helping someone find the diamond for the love of their life.

We sat down with Jackie from Rundle Mall and asked her a few questions about the popularity of Elegance design, its timeless nature and what makes it one of Gerard McCabe’s most enduring designs.

Jackie loves the “modern and elegant style” of the Elegance Engagement Ring, and the way in which it’s, 

Comprised of refined beautifully selected diamonds that sit effortlessly within the band.

The classic nature of the design, means it’s perfect for a professional woman, someone who is after something a little extravagant, but not too dramatic.

It’s perfectly timeless

The beauty of the Elegance Engagement Ring is the array of metals and diamond shapes it comes in. Whether you’re after that solitaire with something a little extra, then you’ve found the one for you.

 GMAC - Elegance Engagement Rings

Jackie and the entire Rundle Mall team invite you to come in store and discover the beauty behind the Elegance Engagement Ring, and entire range of diamond creations on offer by Gerard McCabe.

Each piece is a true representation of why we’re known as Adelaide’s Diamond Specialists, so come in store and find that special ring your loved one will treasure forever. 


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