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Gerard's Choice: Green Tourmaline

Rich, dark, tempting and envy inducing, this tourmaline ring is an incredible piece of art made to be worn. Adore and adorn yourself with this exquisite piece, Gerard's Choice this month.

One of the world’s greatest gemologists, Eduard Gubelin, described inclusions as little 'guest' minerals. I love that expression. Just like us every gem has a story and their indicative inclusions can be a feature indeed. This is pertinent to the beautiful semi-precious stone I have chosen to highlight this month.

The large, 34.32 carat cabochon has wispy, capillary like 'trichite' inclusions. These are filled with the liquid material from which the gemstone formed. A wonderful insight into the beginning history of the piece.

To complement this stone we have designed and handmade a complex two tone 18 carat gold ring. Micro-set with 97 diamonds to the top and side. A compressed ‘bark’ gold insert completes the spectacular ring. $19,995-00. The gemstone in question is the exquisite Tourmaline.

Green Tourmaline

Predominantly found in the Americas, parts of Africa and the Indian and Sri Lankan areas. Tourmalines are a highly sought after semi-precious crystal. In gemstone lore, Green Tourmaline is said to attract luck, abundance and prosperity. First discovered in the 1800s, they were made famous by gemologist Edward Kunz. The green variety was a particularly popular choice.

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Tourmaline produces a whole rainbow of colours including pink, red, bi-coloured, cognac and violet. The rarest colour is the neon (blue) variety, running up to the tens of thousands per carat. My particular favourite is the deep, rich green.

The green colouring is caused by the same minerals that are present in Emerald. For many years Tourmalines were incorrectly identified as their precious counterparts. Such as Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. This was due to their  unusually complex mineral composition. However, in the 1800s they were reclassified into their own category.

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I’ve always been fond of the tourmaline. In the native Sinhalese tongue the name denotes the prismatic colour variety. It’s an individual stone, destined for the special individual. Reflecting the inner characteristics of strength, power and an abundance of personal magnetism.

It is the perfect gift for that special someone who encapsulates all these qualities and more. An incredible stone for the incredible woman in your life.

To learn more about this stunning piece - follow this link.


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