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Gorgeous Opals

Gorgeously fire-hued, with the colours of the Aurora Australis, all caught up in one beautiful stone, our new Cirque additions are sure to inspire. 

We are so pleased to show off some wonderful designs that we have been working on, in conjunction with designer Sabina Lee. These welcome additions to the Cirque collection encapsulate the wildness of the Australian outback and the beautiful stones that we are so the world renowned for.

the story behind the echunga collection

The Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, their tales of origin, have a beautiful creation myth for opals. In the Andamooka region in South Australia, the local tribes believed that their creator came down to Earth on an enormous rainbow. The creators message was one of peace on earth to all humans and to lay down the laws for the people to live by and thus instruct their way of life and rituals.

In the spot where his feet touched the ground the stones became transfixed with the colours of the rainbow. This then was how the opal creation came into being and the colours of the heavens were trapped in these stunning gems.

It's a wonderful message and a beautiful dreaming, all rolled into one stone.Our opals are sourced from Australia and are unique to Gerard McCabe. So unique, in fact, that these are exclusively one off pieces. See some of our new additions below, and be ensnared by the heart of Australia and the promise of a rainbow trapped in stone.


Opalescence Earrings

These beauties are both spectacularly dazzling and elegant, all at once. Featuring a set of oval-shaped opals, the design is accented by the sparkling white diamonds surrounding. The Australian opals display an intense green, yellow, orange and purple play of colour. These earrings would be gorgeous with cocktail attire or for a bride on her wedding day.


Opalescene Earrings - Learn More


Opalescence Pendant

This captivating pendant features a hued opal, complemented by the brilliantly-cut, sparkling diamonds, The solid white opal crystal is transparent, showing an intense green and purple play of colour, with some flashes of orange.  A modern take on the classic Australian favourite. This design is both bold and delicate at once. 


Opalescence Pendant - Learn More


Opalescence Ring

Be spellbound by Gerard McCabe's spectacular Opalescence cocktail ring. The colour range on this gorgeous opal is simply outstanding.  Featuring a solid white opal with a beautiful play of colour across purple, orange and green spectrums. These natural gemstones were selected by hand to create this one of a kind designer jewellery piece. 


Opalescence Ring - Learn More


Opalescence Earrings

Another incredible work of art from the Opalecence collection. Our pear-shaped Opalescence earrings are delicately cut  to enhance the colour range, they display strong green, orange and purple play of colour. A wonderful pair of earrings that depict the breathtaking beauty of these natural Australian gemstones. Further enhanced by the glistening diamonds that sit on each.


Opalescence Earrings - Learn More

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Be enthralled by the beauty of our amazing Australian mined opals. These pieces are one-offs, not to be repeated. So once they have gone, they are gone! Be proudly unique with these exquisite jewels. You can see them in action here, as Justin McCabe discusses our new additions

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