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How To Clean Your Jewellery At Home

Is your diamond or coloured gemstone ring looking dull? Perhaps the diamond is not sparkling as much these days. All the extra hand washing, sanitizer and hand cream that we all are applying at the moment is having a big impact on our jewellery. Your rings might be crying out for a little bit of TLC. 

Watch our handy tutorial on how to clean your rings at home and bring back their fabulous sparkle. If you can't watch the video we have outlined the process below.


How do I clean my diamond jewellery at home:

Step One:

Fill a small bowl with warm water a dash of cloudy ammonia and a dash of dishwashing liquid.

Step Two:

Dip your diamond or coloured gemstone jewellery into the water and then brush all around the settings, including underneath, with a soft toothbrush.

If your jewellery contains emerald, tanzanite, opal or pearls you should contact us before cleaning these pieces at home as they can be sensitive to heat. We can advise a safe method for cleaning at home. Alternatively you can bring your jewellery to us anytime for free in store cleaning and checks.

Our expert tip is to use this chance to have a good look at your jewellery and make sure there are no loose stones and nothing looks out of place

Step Three:

Rinse your jewellery in the water and dry with a clean, soft cloth. 

Step Four:

Enjoy wearing your clean jewellery!

Gerard McCabe Jewellers are diamond and coloured stone jewellery experts. We offer complimentary in store cleaning as well as jewellery repair and restoration services. Contact our friendly team in Adelaide Arcade or Rundle Mall to discuss your jewellery cleaning and repair needs. 

Our free "How to clean your jewellery" ebook is a fantastic resource full of cleaning and jewellery care tips for all types of fine jewellery. Download the ebook below:

Download our "How to Clean Your Jewellery" eBook

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