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Jewellery Box Essentials

While making an investment in wardrobe must-haves (the Little Black Dress, a leather jacket, good suit and excellent heels…) is the key to a well put together style, so too is the investment you make in your jewellery box.

Like the cherry on top of a sundae, jewellery polishes off your outfit, the added touch taking your style up a notch.

What items make up the base of a gorgeous jewellery box? To help you in your journey, our Adelaide jewellery specialists have come up with some absolute essentials that will serve you endlessly for the years to come.

 lose yourself in fantasy coloured diamonds


Diamond Studs

As diamond specialists, we know that diamond earrings can be the ideal addition to your collection. Perfect for everyday wear, a pair of gorgeous diamond stud earrings can make any outfit sparkle. These studs can be small or large, it’s really up to your personal taste. If you go for smaller studs, you can always upgrade later - wearing the smaller studs in a second hole in the ear, remodeling them into other jewellery pieces or even handing them down to a daughter, niece or grandchild as their first pair of diamond earrings.

Gerard McCabe Diamond Earrings

A Quality Chain

Having an expertly crafted, quality chain is a jewellery box must have. With the ability to wear it on its own or with a pendant, a beautiful stand alone chain can be worn both casually and at formal events. The versatility and quality of a well-made chain means that it can last a lifetime - a long term, and wise, investment piece.  

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Classic Pearls

A jewellery box staple, pearls are full of classic elegance. Adding a refined finish to your style, there are loads of pearl potentials for your jewellery box. Studs, strand earrings, a pendant or necklace, you can even have them adorned with diamonds to enhance the natural sparkle and shimmer.

Having a stunning pearl jewellery piece will serve you brilliantly, especially on important occasions such as a job interview, or meeting the in-laws for the first time.

Gerard McCabe Necklace

Your jewellery style is an expression of yourself. Try on lots of pieces, see what styles and looks you like the most. Your style will develop over time, but by investing in some ageless classics, you will be rewarded with jewellery that stays in style season after season, year after year.

Would you like to learn more about finding the right jewellery styles and pieces for your jewellery box? Our friendly team of Adelaide jewellery retailers are happy to help you, simply give us a call or visit one of our jewellery boutiques today.

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