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We often get asked the question, “How many years is a silver anniversary?” What’s the big deal? Why all the fuss? 

In short, we’re talking twenty-five years, a quarter of a century, your silver jubilee. While every anniversary is a time for celebration, there aren’t too many milestones in one’s life that compare to this. 

Having spent over two decades together, making magical memories with your one true love and partner-in-crime, you might be wondering: how much better can it get? Well, it goes without saying, your 25th wedding anniversary is cause for celebration and excitement!

If this year marks 25 years of marriage for you and your other half, here is your complete guide to your Silver Anniversary:


For centuries, couples have been celebrating their anniversaries according to the number of years they’ve been married. Each year is associated with a symbolic material that represents its significance, providing a fun and sentimental guide for gift-giving. 

For 25 years of marriage, the traditional anniversary gift is silver. For that reason, your 25th wedding anniversary is also known as your Silver Anniversary, and appropriately so. A symbol of clarity, protection, and healing, silver embodies the romantic qualities required to maintain a strong and abundant connection. Like love, with proper care, silver will always stand the test of time.  

EDWARDIAN ENGRAVED HEART VESTA HALLMARKED BIRMINGHAM 1908Shop silver anniversary jewellery | Gerard McCabe Antiques

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silver anniversary gifts for her

If you’re looking for the perfect 25th wedding anniversary gift for her, silver jewellery is the place to start. Whether or not she usually opts for cool-toned designs, a pair of silver earrings is a fresh addition any jewellery box. Pair them with her existing silver or white gold designs for a seamless ensemble, or experiment with mixed metals for a stylish statement. 

Sterling Silver Circles Earrings

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VICTORIAN SILVER ORNATE LEONTINE WITH TASSEL & CHARMS CIRCA 1890Shop silver anniversary jewellery | Gerard McCabe Antiques

If she has a taste for more decorative designs, silver treasures can always be found in our antique and vintage jewellery collection. Perhaps an eye-catching pendant? Or a one-of-a-kind bracelet with romantic charms?

silver anniversary gifts for him

For him, there’s no denying the appeal of a classic silver-look timepiece. It’s a quintessential part of any man’s wardrobe, and they do more than keep him on time. Worn with a suit or a baggy tee, a watch crafted in stainless steel bestows endless sophistication and style onto the wearer. Opt for something scratch and impact-resistant, like our Manhattan or Liberty timepieces with silver-coloured cases, and he’ll enjoy his watch for years to come. 

Manhattan Timepiece

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Shop silver anniversary jewellery for him | Gerard McCabe Antiques

Alternatively, gifting a pair of cufflinks from Gerard McCabe Antiques is always well appreciated. Crafted in sterling silver, these cufflinks from the 70s are a classic touch to any evening attire, and a romantic gesture for all vintage collectors!

the best silver anniversary gift for 25 years

While some couples choose to reaffirm their love before hitting the two-decade mark, a 25th wedding anniversary is a wonderful (and very popular) time to renew your vows. In our opinion, this is the most romantic gift of all, and a heartfelt way of celebrating your partnership and promising forever. 

If you’re planning on renewing your vows for your 25th wedding anniversary, you might also choose to exchange eternity rings at the ceremony. Often set with identically cut diamonds that wrap around the band, eternity rings are a wearable token of your eternal love and devotion. At Gerard McCabe, we have a stunning collection of eternity rings and friendly experts on hand to help you find the perfect design to fit your budget and style. 

Silver Linea Ring

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Planning the perfect 25th wedding anniversary can be a daunting yet exciting task. If you need some inspiration, here are 6 easy ideas for planning the perfect anniversary this year in Adelaide, South Australia!

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