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No matter the circumstance, 30 years is a monumental milestone. Especially in the way of love, three decades of commitment calls for triple the celebration! Your marriage might be nothing new, but your 30th wedding anniversary (otherwise known as your Pearl Anniversary) is an exciting threshold to cross, hand in hand, with the one you love most. 

So, what makes the perfect 30th wedding anniversary? Well, we need not look further than the luminous gem tied to the occasion itself!


Like a marriage, the formation of a pearl is a matter of patience and sensitivity. These symbols of enduring love have long been associated with the 30-year milestone, embodying the wisdom that comes only with ongoing marital devotion. Believed to promote prosperity, there’s no wonder pearls have come to represent the success that is three decades of marriage. 

For this reason, like many other milestone anniversaries, each associated with a symbolic material, a 30th wedding anniversary has come to be known as a Pearl Anniversary. 

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Many couples choose to select gifts for their partner based on this fun and sentimental tradition. Perhaps it’s a pair of pearl earrings for her, or a pearl-set brooch for him. Organising your anniversary celebration on or near the water is another romantic nod to the theme, where scenery and seclusion combine in a testament to your one true treasure. 

Planning ahead for your 30th wedding anniversary? Here are 6 easy ideas for planning the perfect anniversary this year in Adelaide, South Australia. 

top pearl gifts for your 30th wedding anniversary

It’s a common misconception that pearls convey old-fashioned or outdated style. The truth is, however, your mother’s pearls are the gem of the season! Making their official style revival, pearls are popular for their versatility and delicate allure. 

1. Delicate Designs

In our own Atlantis collection, pearls take centre stage in ethereal designs that dance in the light. Each piece exudes both youthfulness and sophistication, in a sparkling suite of pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Paired with sparkling diamonds, for a 30th wedding anniversary, these luxurious gems simply cannot be overlooked!

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2. Must-Have Classics

If understated, old Hollywood elegance is more her style, it’s true, you can never go wrong with the classics! Featuring South Sea, Tahitian, and Freshwater pearls, our Luminosity designs have survived every trend due to their wearability and organic composition. From the classic strand to the timeless pearl earring, with proper care, these pieces are designed to last a lifetime.  

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3. Antique & Vintage Pearls

Then again, celebrating your longstanding, one-of-a-kind love might call for a wiser pearl…

In our curated Antique & Period Jewellery collection, pearl jewellery comes in every form and fashion. Whether your style aligns with the romantic Victorians or the extravagant Edwardians, our antique and vintage pearl jewellery echoes a time-honoured affinity with the natural gem. Having stood the test of time, each piece is a symbol of rare individuality and generations of love.


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It’s important to remember that your Pearl Anniversary doesn’t require the exchange of pearls at all. Whether you’re hoping to renew your vows, or simply show them how much you care, your 30th wedding anniversary is a fantastic opportunity to purchase an eternity ring

Typically worn as the third ring in a bridal set, these wearable tokens of love are a symbolic gesture to a couple’s enduring bond. Eternity rings (or infinity rings) are usually set with identically cut diamonds, but the design options are truly endless! At Gerard McCabe, our eternity rings can be custom-made for the perfect fit, and are designed with seamlessness in mind. 


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Not sure where to start? Learn more about when to get an eternity ring, our extensive range, and what makes them so special here…

Ready to make your selection? Browse our jewellery collections online or speak to our friendly team in-store to find the perfect gift for your 30th wedding anniversary!