Anniversary, Gift Ideas Posted by Gerard McCabe on 03/03/2024

Though nothing can outclass the gift of true love, a special present to celebrate your first anniversary is an affectionate gesture that truly tops the cake. Your first year of marriage is an unforgettable experience that deserves an unforgettable tribute. So, while you take this time to reflect, reconnect, and rejoice in the life you now share, why not spoil your special someone with a milestone gift they’ll always treasure?

Not to worry, here is all the inspiration you might need for your first wedding anniversary, and our top 1 year anniversary gift ideas…


According to tradition, paper (a symbol of new beginnings, delicate bonds, and preservation) is the gift associated with a first wedding anniversary. A heartfelt letter or a personalised notebook always adds a sentimental touch. If you’re keen on sticking to the theme, wrapping a pair of earrings or a ring from Gerard McCabe in an origami heart might just start the waterworks!

Of course, the modern newlywed might be inspired otherwise. The contemporary recommendation for a first anniversary gift, associated with the passage of time and new seasons of life, is a clock or timepiece. For a chic yet practical gift that both parties will adore, a watch from Gerard McCabe is a wearable memory. Choose from a wide range that caters to both his or her style, or select a pair together for a coordinated moment.

Shop watches for your wedding anniversary | Gerard McCabeShop watches for your wedding anniversary | Gerard McCabe


Another way to mark a romantic year of firsts is to give the gift of gold. Reserved for your number one, for the year that comes in first in a long life of anniversaries, gold jewellery never disappoints. Our top pick: our ‘L is for Love’ rings, available in yellow, white, and rose gold. With brilliant diamonds set into the band, each design is a token of romance that spells out just how much you love her. 

L is for Love

Romantic anniversary rings | L is for Love


Gold jewellery anniversary gifts | Three75

For a first anniversary gift, a pair of gold earrings, a classic pendant, or a delicate bracelet is always the right answer. When in doubt, our iconic Three75 collection is long-lasting and designed for every day, just like a marriage.

HOT TIP: If you’re planning a special outing to mark the occasion, let them unwrap your gift before the celebrations begin and head out on your romantic excursion in style! If you need some inspiration, here are 6 easy ideas for planning the perfect anniversary this year in Adelaide, South Australia. 


While eternity rings have historically been given after a few decades of marriage, today these symbols of everlasting love are a popular gift for your one year wedding anniversary. A representation of your commitment to an uninterrupted and enduring partnership, an eternity ring might just be our favourite first year anniversary gift. With a variety of styles to choose from, an eternity ring from Gerard McCabe is a timeless symbol of devotion and admiration – as long as you know what to look for!

Eternity Rings

Shop eternity rings for your first wedding anniversary | Gerard McCabe

Not sure where to start? Learn more about when to get an eternity ring, our extensive range, and what makes them so special here


What all this comes back to is one special day on your calendar: your wedding day. Sometimes, the best first year anniversary gifts are those that pay tribute to the day you tied the knot, and bring to mind a cherished memory. 

Perhaps she wore a pair of pearl earrings, or an elegant diamond pendant on the day you exchanged vows? Your first anniversary is a fantastic opportunity to source a matching design, incorporate her wedding gems into something new, or even get her favourite jewellery cleaned. Did your wedding have a Deco or whimsical theme? Ask our staff about antique or vintage designs that echo the atmosphere of your special day. You’ll also be surprised by what kinds of gems have a unique connection to the month you said, ‘I do’!


Sentimental first anniversary gifts | Gerard McCabe

To discover what’s available before your first anniversary, browse our jewellery collections online and in-store to find a first anniversary gift they’re guaranteed to adore. 

With decades of experience, the team at Gerard McCabe certainly knows a thing or two about finding the perfect gift, especially for a first year wedding anniversary. Our greatest passion lies in celebrating life’s most important milestones, and a 1st, 10th, or 40th wedding anniversary is no exception! 

Planning ahead for your upcoming wedding anniversary? Download our free anniversary gift guide here.