Kimberley Heart: The Rare Pink Diamond in South Australia

Precious Gems, Adelaide, Pink Diamonds Posted by Gerard McCabe on 24/11/2023

We have one very special pink diamond currently housed at our Adelaide Arcade boutique. A natural wonder in its own right, this small but mighty gem is perhaps the rarest the state has ever seen. What makes this 0.34 ct diamond so special you might wonder? We thought you'd never ask!

uniquely Australian and highly coveted

Over 90% of the world's natural pink diamonds originate from a remote corner of the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia, from the now-closed Argyle diamond mine.

"Pink diamonds are revered by many but acquired by only a fortunate few, fewer still now that the Argyle diamond mine has closed for good," says our Managing Director, Justin McCabe. Adored for their exquisite beauty, Argyle diamonds are among the most sought-after pink diamonds in the world. 

Kimberley Heart pink diamond

chromatic brilliance

The colour of a pink diamond is an essential factor in its valuation. Unlike other diamonds, the colour grade of an Argyle pink diamond depends both on its hue and intensity.

Within the broad range of pink diamond hues, there are six general categories: red (red or purplish red), blue-violet (BL), purplish pink (PP), pink (P), pink rose (PR), and pink champagne (PC). Of the visibly "pink" categories, PP, or purplish pink, is considered the most rare.

Within these categories, each diamond is also given a rating that indicates the diamond's colour intensity, typically ranging from 1, very intense, to 9, light blush. For example, while they share the same hue, a 1P has more colour intensity than a 5P. All else being equal, this gives the 1P more value. 

This particular pink diamond displays a fancy vivid purplish pink colour, meaning it has an intense colour with a rare hue (2PP Argyle grading). For a pink diamond, this gem is also considered quite large in size - perfect for the discerning collector. Kimberley Heart Diamond


We have named this pink diamond the “Kimberley Heart” owing to the unique heart-shaped outline formed in the gap between two internal inclusions, the likes of which we have never seen before. The presence of this heart is quite remarkable, making the diamond a truly one-of-a-kind find. 

"This is the ultimate luxury for someone wanting to acquire a uniquely rare piece of Australian history, develop their portfolio, or both." - Managing Director, Justin McCabe.


With the Argyle mine now closed, there is no better time to own your own pink diamond. You may choose to purchase a loose pink diamond as a priceless collector's item, or talk to our Design Director about creating a bespoke piece made just for you. 

If you're interested in working with our team to create your own design or purchasing a loose diamond exclusively, we always recommend making a booking through our pink diamond concierge service to privately view the diamonds on offer. 


Custom design is one of the best ways to work with a pink diamond. Fortunately, our award-winning design team, creatively led by our Design Director, Nazanin, are experts in their craft.

The bespoke experience always begins with a free consultation, where your personal vision and our team's technical expertise come together creatively. From paper, Nazanin's designs immortalise into unforgettable, unique, custom pieces, that are yours and yours alone. 

We believe this particular pink diamond, in its colour and rarity, belongs only in a one-of-a-kind design that parallels its magnificence. 

Kimberley Heart Diamond

To see this remarkable gemstone up close, visit us in the Adelaide Arcade, or speak to our friendly experts for more information!