Lorikeet - A New Ring Design

Jewellery, Rings, Precious Gems, Opals, News & Announcements, Remarkable Rocks Posted by Gerard McCabe on 29/08/2023

Our iconic Lorikeet pendant officially has a sister.

Making its highly anticipated debut, in-store now, is an exciting new addition to our inspiring Remarkable Rocks collection: the Lorikeet ring. Featuring one mesmerising 7.95ct Lightning Ridge opal, with a red, orange, green, and blue spectral exchange, our Lorikeet ring celebrates a playful and captivating disposition. The design, a sibling to our iconic Lorikeet pendant, captures the essence of the spirited Lorikeet at play, with coloured gems trailing down the ring’s shoulders, framed by feathery gold embellishments. 

Crafted in an ode to the enchanting wildlife of Australia, this ring depicts one of our most loved native birds, the Rainbow Lorikeet.

Watch the Lorikeet creation story:

“The Lorikeet, with its playful personality and rainbow feathers, was the perfect fit for an opal story.” - Nazanin Mohammedkhani, Design Director.

Finding a natural connection between the magic of Australian opals, and the carefree spirit of the Lorikeet, Nazanin and the design team felt inspired by a kind of energy rarely encountered! The goal, to craft a wearable piece of art that would evoke the captivating essence and rarity of both these natural wonders, soon came to life, not once, but twice.

Lorikeet Ring by Gerard McCabe

“Lorikeets remind us that even in life's challenges, we can still be happy and find joyful moments.” - Nazanin Mohammedkhani, Design Director.

Like its pendant counterpart, the opal at the heart of our Lorikeet ring has its origins in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. As an Australian jeweller, it brings us great joy to pay tribute to the rich and wondrous landscape of our own backyard. Taking inspiration from the natural world around us, these pieces not only celebrate the colours of Australia but their design and craftsmanship resonate far and wide.


Prior to its release, the original sketch of the Lorikeet design was announced as a winner in the 2023 JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards. Our design team, who work tirelessly to deliver some of South Australia’s most celebrated jewellery designs, feel incredibly honoured to be recognised alongside Australia’s best jewellery professionals!

See this phenomenal design up close in-store, or view the Lorikeet ring online at gerardmccabe.com.au.